Best Mini Travel Routers 2017

Router mini travel wifi router that fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere. Most often used in rooms that require an Ethernet connection or only allow one device at a Wi-Fi network at one time, without loading additional fees. Router mini travel broadens the existing bed connecting to a wireless network hotspot for many devices. This means that you can use laptop, tablet and smartphone in the same combination, at no additional cost.

It is also useful as it will allow You to save time and effort in connection with the existing wi-fi connection. If you have already configured your router in the house and hooked it up to their devices as it is stored on the call, just need to connect them to your hotel or other accommodation and to allow devices to automatically connect.

It is important to password protect your connection so no one could access it, and slow speed, with additional devices or, even worse, to get access to the content.

Router mini travel helps You transfer important files and quickly get the job done. This is especially useful in case of frequent travel and constant access to the Internet on multiple devices. Your router is a traveler, will probably work at higher speeds than the average wi-fi or Ethernet at the hotel.

You want the Internet connection was blocked on the router travelers, and not on the laptop. Make sure the router is connected first before setting up Internet.

What you need to know before buying?
Mini travel routers are ideal for connecting multiple devices and while traveling in a group. Most of them the size of a credit card or a deck of cards, so that you can put in your pocket and take with you wherever you need it.

Believe it or not, these handy little devices are often equipped with many features that inherently could not be taken into account. Depending on the budget, think about the functions that can be useful.

Make sure your router is locked or unlocked . Blocked means that it is only available for a specific service provider. If very cheap, then most likely you’ll be trapped with a service provider, you will be subject to expensive subscription plans. You will not be able to use the router with other service providers. If you value flexibility, it is best to use to unlock the device to have the ability to switch between service providers.

Depending on the planned application, you must determine how many devices can Your router support. If you plan to travel with several people, or you have multiple devices you need to connect immediately, then a high connectivity.

What do you think of the Internet service provider you are going to use in most cases? Make sure that Your chosen router mini travel compatible with this particular supplier . Also must be compatible with your card, a USB or SIM card . You will also want to have a router traveler, which supports your card data 3G / 4G.

No one wants to deal with a slow Internet connection, so check your router for wireless standards B, G and N. “N” is the most advanced and supports the fastest speed. Supports data transfer rate up to 300 MBIT / sec and faster in the home and outside the home than “G” or “B”.

Your mini-router also can act as a portable charger and provide endless possibilities of charging and wi-fi on the road. Can even contain your own mobile app for download for Android users.

At the end check the USB ports. These ports are well suited for sharing files with other computers connected to the wi-fi router.

A brief history of mini travel router
There are several men attributed to the invention of wi-fi and wireless router. Each of them has contributed to what was important to produce a final product, although it seems that no one person is solely responsible.

Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf , one engineer and both programmers have come up with a data transmission Protocol and Internet Protocol that are necessary for communication on the Internet.

Vic Hayes was the engineer, whom some called the “Father of wifi”, because he played a major role in the establishment of the 802.11 standard, which marked the way for modern wifi technology.

In the nineties, five computer specialists worked in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia. Those men, under the name Dr. Terry Percivala, Mr Graham Daniels, gentlemen Diet Acute Potter, Mr. John Dean and Dr. John O Sullivan, has created a computer chip designed to improve the quality of the wi-fi signal. This technology is still used in modern wireless routers.

No matter what device you’re using, or where you come in, you’re using technology that would not have been possible without each of these men. They worked together to create technology that contributes to everything you need directly from the home or office.

This technology enabled routers travel and increased convenience for many people, leading personal and business worldwide. This technology has enabled people to work from anywhere, without having hitting hours in the office, and new technology pioneers continue to make strides and improve on it today.