Best Mini Pc Sticks 2017

Looking for small, seemingly not too impressive stick, can be fooled into thinking that it’s just another usb stick, but it is much more. Manufacturers are now able to pack into a fully functioning PC to the size of a standard USB drive. This may be due to many factors.

Moore’s law , which was designed by one of the founders of Intel, Gordon E. Moore in 1965 essentially States that “the number of transistors in a dense IC doubles approximately every two years.” This means that every two years may reduce the size of equipment such as mikroczipy and microprocessors by 50%. Since its opening in 1965. Turned out to be appropriate.

Looking at some of the important components of the computer, we can see this process in action. The motherboard was the first source of major innovations that led to the reduction in the number of computers. In 2000-2007-VIA Technologies, manufacturer of the equipment, made a breakthrough in the miniaturization of circuit boards . First, a standard ATX has been reduced to Micro ATX, then there was a further reduction in the size Mini-ITX, Nano-ITX and finally, for Pico-ITX.

At the same time, the motherboard was miniaturyzowane, the manufacturers also focused on the integrated peripherals . It’s PC components that were previously add-ons, but now has been integrated directly on the motherboard. Components such as modems, Ethernet ports, audio output and Bluetooth no longer requires separate devices that can be included in the computer. Everything was supported on the motherboard.

The combination of CPUs and graphics processors into one system is another factor that helped the producers zminiaturyzować computers. The new system, known as the APU can perform tasks both CPU and GPU, while consuming less energy. For the average user of the computer external video card is no longer needed.

Disabling optical media drives in most computers also allowed for a further reduction in size. CD and DVD are no longer widely used as a means for transmission and storage. Instead, there are many more effective alternatives , such as USB drives and cloud storage.

How to use a Mini PC Stick
As good as it sounds to replace a full-sized work Desk, mini-pendrivem, the technology may not yet be ready for most of us. For those who do not require a lot more from their computers than viewing web pages, streaming multimedia and commissioning of lighting programs such as Skype, a mini PC could be the ideal alternative for desktop computers.

Media streaming with the mini-stick is easy and convenient. They are smaller and more portable than the average device for streaming media, and many of them has the full Windows 10 operating system. They are also easy to use and does not require you to wear additional cables to connect them to big screen TV. Simply connect the computer directly to the HDMI port of any TV and start watching movies. Most of them also has a slot for memory cards microSD , to view saved videos or viewing photos.

For people who travel often sticks mini PC are a dream come true. Instead of having to carry a laptop on trips, just bring a USB flash drive, foldable keyboard and mouse. Thanks to these trusted devices, each with satellite TV in becomes a makeshift workstation . Users can work with Word documents or PowerPoint presentations without having to carry a laptop. Because the mini-sticks PC has Wi-Fi, users will also have access to cloud services such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

The choice of a suitable Mini PC Stick
When it comes time to choose a mini-stick, one important issue must be the operating system. Often the right choice of operating system will make the decision on how user friendly the device that determines how often to use it.

As good as mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, on smart phones, so ideal for applications with a touch screen . This is not surprising, given that they were first developed for use in smartphones. Because of this, most users will find mini stick PC with the most user friendly operating system on your computer, such as Windows or Linux. Another option is to select a laptop which offers both mobile and fixed-line operating system.

Disk space can significantly affect the usability of the stick. It would be best to find one that has at least 32 GB of internal memory and a slot for memory cards microSD. This provides sufficient space to install the programs you want to use, at the same time leaving little space for important files like photos and documents. The card slot microSD allows you to add additional storage space at the expense of memory cards microSD up to 128 GB. This effectively gives the computer space on 160 GB of disk space .

If you want Your wand PC to be able to implement a little bit of light computing works, Microsoft Word, Skype, media players, and web browsing not as much as during scrolling, and then a model with 2 GB of RAM should be selected. Something less and you will face problems in trying something more than watching media.