Best Mini Keyboards 2017

Mini keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect a computer or other electronic device. Most often used with smartphones and tablets, but some people like to use them with their netbookami or laptops. These keyboards have standard QWERTY layout , though some of them can be specially ordered with different systems depending on the needs.

The majority of the mini Bluetooth keyboards compatible with standard operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. Probably, Your laptop or netbook has a standard keyboard so does not always make sense to use a Bluetooth keyboard if you want to have better range and higher mobility.

Because they are designed primarily for mobile devices equipped with operating systems iOS and Android, these mini-keyboards have special function keys that make it easier to work on a mobile device. Therefore, you should check whether you have selected your keyboard will be compatible with a specific operating system. The function keys are different for Android and iOS users.

You also have to consider the purpose of using a mini-keyboard. If you need a keyboard for gaming or for use with mobile devices? There are many uses of the mini Bluetooth keyboard, and you can even use it to connect different purposes. Some mini keyboards are more versatile than others.

Because the mini-keyboard is not full size keyboards, which can be obtained as a Supplement to a regular computer often have no numeric keypad or other user-friendly features.

Simplify your life electronic
There are many features available on the keyboard mini Bluetooth. Some of them include folding hinges that make it easy to handle, thanks to which you can connect a keyboard and reduce the strain on your wrist. Some are so small that they require you to only write with your thumbs. It is a miniature version of the mini keyboards. Some mini keyboard with portable stand or the option of buying one that is compatible with the keyboard and mobile device. Still others equipped with a touch panel, allowing you to turn your Android or iOS device almost fully functioning computer, no matter where you are.

There are several advantages of choosing a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The big advantage is that you can use the same keyboard on different devices, such as tablet, smartphone, smart TV, and even video game consoles. Most of these devices come standard with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth keyboard provides greater mobility in the home and outside the home. Regardless of whether you are connected to your TV, mobile device or computer, then you can move around without any irritation of the gastro-przywiązującego you device. And since it is small and compact, it is easy to carry in a bag or case for laptop, to use it with your mobile device on the go.

Wireless mini keyboard will help you reduce the clutter in your travel bag and in the workplace. Allows use with small devices that take up less space and require fewer wires to operate. You don’t have to worry about the transportation of several USB cables to connect and only you have to make sure that Your device is appropriately charged new batteries.

Using a Bluetooth connection with a laptop, means you can free up a USB port that you can use for something else. While some wireless keyboards require a USB connection , Bluetooth needs only to recognize other Bluetooth devices.

Although work on batteries and are a bit more expensive than regular keyboards, miniinstrumentów benefits far outweigh any negatives.

A brief history of keyboards Mini
The name “Bluetooth” comes from the ancient Danish king Harald Blatanda . Ruled from 940 to 986 years and is known as the ruler because he United his country, turning it into Christianity. It is not clear where and why Harald Blatand was named “Bluetooth”. There are several theories, each of which is so absurd as the last. Obviously, one of the most popular elements of modern technology, was named in honor of this worthy of the attention of the king.

Sven Mattisson worked as an engineer at the Department of Electronics, faculty of Engineering of the University of Lund. Began to develop early stages of Bluetooth technology while working on his doctoral dissertation. Doctoral degree he received in 1986. And started to work on a wide range of projects. One of these projects involved working with transistors and designing programs that were able to generate color schemes.

Mattisson were employed by Ericsson Mobile Communications in 1995. In 1997, Ericsson began a collaboration with Intel and Jim Kardachem, leaders of technological development. Mattisson and Kardach closely with each other collaborated to develop a technology that can wirelessly connect mobile phones and a wide range of other devices.

Bluetooth technology was officially released to the market in 1998 , but it took almost ten years to really to get her interested. Initially, when a thought of Bluetooth, think of headphones that can be connected to mobile phones for making calls without using hands. Currently, however, many consumers understand that Bluetooth can be equipped with virtually any electronic device, including mini-keyboards and other computer accessories, smartphones and tablets.