Best Mini Flash Drives 2017

Since, as Thomas Edison produced the first fonografy in the late nineteenth century, engineers were looking for a faster, more compact and reliable ways to store data. The fifties began a decade of rapid technological progress. IBM proclaimed the revolution memory RAMAC 305 in 1959, the giant that needed to be 1500 cubic feet of space and weighed over 2000 pounds . This massive machine had a memory capacity of five megabytes – unprecedented at the time.

Of course, this device is not very portable. Only in the 80-ies. last century, the recording medium can be easily moved between computers through the development of floppy disks. All operating systems such as Windows 3.1, only fit a few 3.5 inch floppy disks, and the drives themselves can withstand a lot of alterations. This allowed easy distribution and sharing media for many years. However, thanks to Moore’s Law the capacity of a floppy disk 1.44 MB will not become obsolete. In 1998, the IMac G3 from Apple – the first and main home computer is without a floppy drive – it’s like the end of the reign of floppy disks on portable drives, like the appearance of his successor: universal serial bus .

Born in the mid 90-ies., USB is a connection standard that governs the connection and protocols in a wide range of computers and peripheral devices. Company worldwide, found that one of the most effective ways of communication devices, and from its adoption, much has changed.

Thank you ports that can transfer hundreds of megabytes per second , not surprisingly, USB is the preferred method of data transfer. With the reduced size of computer chips at impressive prices, we can store more documents, movies, songs and other files on the device, the size of the thumbnails. We have come a long way from the time of filling the room with lamps of the vacuum.

Size matters
One of the most notable changes in our personal computing devices is how long they managed to obtain. At a time when the laptop is turned on, ever durable bags with reinforced straps and a dense shell, ultralekkie the 2 in 1 laptops now come from the slim boxes with the movement of the wrist. Although the musician was needed once the table, on which you can install external hard drives, artists can now improve your set on the fly using your tablet , going to a concert. End with cables or external power sources. Today’s digital memory ready to use as soon as we.

It is therefore evident that two inches of plastic and microprocessors, it’s the last thing you would like to put side Macbook Air. If you listen to a favorite podcast on the bus or share the video with friends, during the event, this can easily lead to disaster, which can be avoided. In case of accidental dislocation USB memory full size from the socket, this may lead to data corruption or even permanent damage to the port. But thanks to the mini-stick these worries can disappear .

Probably more important than safety-it’s just a convenience . These drives are so small that remain almost unnoticed on a keychain, to the point where you want to show that the manufacturer records their new music video on portable projector . One of these miniature devices allows to create a revolutionary range of multimedia marketing Department. There are a few best ways to ensure the universality and the security of your computer, thanks to a double run of a secure operating system which can be easily placed in full on the office of the USB drive from any location. In this case less really is better .

The technical side
NAND flash is the underlying architecture of today’s USB memory. This includes many blocks, 128-kilobajtowych parallel. This configuration provides quick save and saving times, at the same time slowing the access operation in a random order, which makes this type of memory is ideal for storing files, and, therefore, to run critical instructions in the field of embedded hardware.

As they have no moving parts, NAND products they are ideal for the needs of the media, the movement of many people. Mini flash drives, capable of incredible storage, are among the most durable physically portable electronic devices that you will carry throughout the day. Has no display engine, or loop. Many of them hat from dust, which helps to fight the main enemy in digital media: debris . Some are even protected from moisture and radiation, which is required if you are traveling via elements or the airport.

There are some small drawbacks of NAND flash memory. The nature of the system requires that each block of 128 kilobytes was wymazywany repeatedly, even if you have changed only a few values in the row. This results in some blocks are worn, which increases the chances of errors read / write. There is also a bleed effect that sometimes occurs between neighboring blocks probably damaging data and layout of the file system. To mitigate these limitations, additional controllers, flash memories have ways to identify the corrupted blocks, corrupted, allowing you to avoid errors, but slightly reduces the overall capacity. Some people use uniform wear to evenly distribute the data on the chip, preventing the fall. Both of these elements increase the overall lifetime of the NAND flash chip.

There are many options in finding the right mini abominations. Some brands are more reliable than others – search company known for building reliable equipment. memory. Although each manufacturer publishes its own calculations about the speed of their products, remember that not all USB drives are the same. Some are really suitable for these high requirements, while others fall in the categories of critical. You will also find a more diverse, differences, such as a metal housing or light activity LED. Regardless of the choice, you will have the opportunity to have a huge amount of knowledge and entertainment in your pocket whenever you want.