Best Men’s Sun Hats 2017

The process of selection of hats for men is a unique intersection at the junction of form and function. Some men can’t worry about what it looks like their heading, provided that it protects the sun from their necks, their eyes. Other men belong to cap as a continuation of the General style of dress, and focuses primarily on the conquest hat that looks great. When you need caps that will serve the purposes of exceeding the limits of style, because you spend a lot of time in the sun, finding the right set of functional hats that fit Your style, it can be difficult. A brief study of some traditional types kapeluszów can help to shed some light on the mystery.

The iconic American cowboy hat is extremely popular today, especially in the southern and Western States. Cowboy hat , as we know, can trace its origins to the 19th century, although its specific origins are impossible to collect. Hats worn by American men, spending long hours on a ride in the sun was probably inspired by the groups noszonymi across the Mexican Vaquerosa. The first regularly produced cowboy hats and headgear, which belongs to a large part of the inheritance of style – was done by John B. Stetsona in 1865. Wide brim cowboy helps to block the sun, and its dense crown provides a place for heat to raise itself from the human head. When the project has reached almost perfection, rarely changing, so modern cowboy hats similar to those worn by the plains more than 150 years ago.

Panama hat-this name is quite widely prescribed for hats originally woven from toquilla palm leaves but often made of straw, felt or other materials. These hats have the edge slightly narrower than cowboy hats, but still wide enough to provide shade to the face and neck. They are known for being sturdy and durable, easy fold and Packed in if necessary. Hats in Panama, actually appeared in Ecuador, but got its name due to the fact that their cargo will travel to Panama before sending them to the whole world.

Hats straw sun usually associated with the personnel Asian rice paddy, and Mexican sombrero. Straw is lightweight, breathable, abundant and readily available material, hence the popularity of these hats with the staff spędzającymi many hours in the sun, often with meager income. Even today, straw is a lovely material on the peak thanks to the same properties that spopularyzowały its use in past centuries.

The selection of hats for an adventure and fresh air
Choosing a hat for sun to use it during Hiking, camping, fishing, Canoeing or other activities that will allow You to spend a long time on the street and potentially sweating, make sure you choose a hat that will fulfill three main objectives : must keep * the sun * far from the eyes and neck, it should breathe enough to keep the crown cool and it should stop the sweat , which otherwise will spill You on the forehead. Hat outdoors should not look stylish – you probably don’t want to go Hiking in the desert, hoping for a meeting with this man – he should do it.

The same applies to a situation when your work makes you spend many hours outdoors. A sun hat is part of a set of tools if you are a farmer, geodetą (I think you have to wear a helmet), Explorer SUV, or any other activity related to the work in the open air as the main part of the job. Again, think about sun protection, a headband and a cap that can breathe thanks to the mesh, holes or material.

If you can choose the peak that can be washed, the better. There is a high probability that the hat from the sun will see their participation in the sweat, sun cream and other liquids that can contaminate and buttocks, so when choosing which you can place in the washing machine, ensure that it is in the best shape and will make you feel fresh. ready to work every day.

It should be remembered that the cap visor is a specially designed clothing and should also provide dry during rain, or heat at night. For this you need different hats; hat-sun only, and the sun shines on the owner. And remember that when you are in the sun for hours, sun hat is not a luxury, it is a necessity for your own safety and well-being.

The selection of hats on the day
If you choose a sun hat to protect the eyes from sun rays when you in the pool, like sports party or strolling on city streets, you have a little more freedom in the choice of hat. A sun hat worn especially in free time should not be easily washable that probably won’t fuck so much as during the walk or work a day in the sun. These caps are also less susceptible to dirt, dust, paint and so on.

The main concern when you choose a stylish hats from the sun must, of course, is how well it will block sunlight that would otherwise Shine into the eyes and on the face and neck, but secondary aspects may include the appearance and portability. There are some great hats from the sun, which can be Packed in a suitcase and go to maintain its shape and look, and are a good choice for the traveler in summer.