Best Men’s Sunglasses 2017

At any time the sun burns on the 5 778 degrees Kelvin, i.e. below 10 000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the hottest. However, if you’re a kid, all this is done in order to cool the sun can do it with ease. “How, you ask, “how anyone, not to mention the child could draw a cool sun, when the sun burns so hot?” This is simple; you paint in dark glasses.

Sunglasses are the best evidence of prosperity. Regardless of whether you’re a cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger covered his glowing red eyes of the robot, or volume Cruzam em alternately singing in your underwear and flying Grumman F-14 Tomcats against the Russians, no more memorable accessory for transmission to the carelessness or evil, which reach the end. bone.

But what is this sunglasses makes you look like that, they are much better than him? It turns out that there are several factors, between other symmetry. Human beings have symmetrical faces more attractive for asymmetric faces. Well made pair of sunglasses immediately brings symmetric problems in your eyes and eliminates them.

Then there is the additional psychological advantage to the mystery. Mystery is one of the great aphrodisiacs, and not being able to see someone’s eyes, chmurnie their best in the sense of the unknown. The very desire for knowledge, the curiosity that we represent is insurmountable.

The last variable is cultural in nature, and we began to talk about her. The people we admire, icons, cultural, for which every day we wish, people daily news and entertainment journalism with paintings depicting himself in classic and contemporary shades.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a little cooler?

The problem of polarization
Now that we have a deeper understanding of the secret power possessed by each pair of sunglasses, is still a matter of finding the pair that will you best serve. After all, when you talk about perfect appearance, it is possible that you are not someone who goes to the vanity. Maybe it all depends on the function more than form. Fortunately, every pair of shades in our list is, as attractive appearance and high functionality.

One of the most requested features in modern sun glasses is the polarization, and the understanding of how polarization works , will let You know whether it’s a feature you want to include in your purchase. To understand the concept of polarization, we need to talk about glitter.

The light is scattered in many directions, but when a large light source (e.g. the sun) is reflected to a much lesser instrument, light is reflected in a rigid horizontal line, which we perceive as a glow. Polarized sunglasses have a coating that absorbs and distributes the coming light horizontal, substantially reducing the glare and protects the eyes.

The only problem is that sometimes you want to see it horizontal light. For example, pilots and sailors should see the rebound from other vessels or aircraft to avoid unexpected collisions with other units. LCD screens emit light horizontal, to convey them information, so many modern displays, automotive, gas pumps and televisions is invisible thanks to a couple of polarized lens.

When you decide that spolaryzowańá or not, the decision comes down to style more than anything else. I’ve always been a wanderer, because the shape matches my features better than anything else. For the reminder I have a long face with a square jaw. Round face or square jaw on short sides, often look better on a larger disk, the styles of wrapping the remainder of the list.

Eyes Ivory
Before anyone realized how zabarwiańá glass to protect the human eye from the sun, people from the tribe of Eskimos in Alaska and Canada has developed an elegant solution to protect the eyes. It can be assumed that persons with niezmierzonym glitter shooting from the surface of the endless tundra on a cloudless day, someone raised their hands to protect them from attack.

The problem, of course, that you can’t see through your hands. But this brilliant Eskimo broke up two fingers and saw a large space, without losing the facilities which have provided him with the hands. I imagine that it is important for you to have both hands on the frozen North, so someone else came and cut two narrow slits in a flat piece of walrus, and then tied it to the head with a strip of leather . Was the first sunglasses.

We need to go to China from the twelfth century to find glass which had been specially darkened to protect the user’s eyes, although the shades nieoczyszczonego crystal appear in ancient descriptions of Chinese and Roman members of the Royal family.

Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth century doctors from the West have experimented with shades of tinted glass in the treatment of many ailments. When you receive film and Hollywood and its stars, the stars adopted the technology as a way to conceal his identity in front of the fans, forever perpetuating the link between the sunglasses and the magnificent peaks of our society.