Best Men’s Sling Bags 2017

If you have ever traveled any distance with a backpack secured to you incorrectly (belts tight raise the bag high on the back), you know it’s a pain in the neck to get the thing back on the front side, so you could look for his wallet, camera or documents if you are in total dystopijnej dictatorship.

Apart from preventing access to things in the bag, the backpack design is such that it cannot be changed; there is only one way to wear it, because exclude the possibility to wear it in front of him on the basis of good fashion.

The solution to these problems is simple: bag shawls.

Now handbags are the specific types of plastic bags, courier in the same way in which square is a more specific type of rectangle. In the case of bag slings are not talking about the fact that the edges have the same length, as they are significantly less than ordinary messenger bags.

Handbags have become a fashion addition for exclusive demographics couriers Cycling tracks, and the result is a new style of wearing, which greatly lu┼║niejszy than the style worn by messengers. It often happens that the inhabitants of the cities are located by chance your expensive laptops in the bags are hanging on the shoulder bag.

What makes that backpack is relatively specific, in addition to its small stature, is the fact that it is more or less impossible (of course, uncomfortable and unstable) to wear it loosely on one shoulder. Bag carrier needs to be worn with one stripe on the chest, evenly spreading the weight of its contents on the upper body.

Most of the sling has one main compartment with a few simple slots on phone or tablet, and some even have removable elements clips that allow you to change hands, if you have enough to wear a sling on the side.

Function or fashion
The first backpack that I have ever seen belonged to a singer in a rock band, who knew, who grew up in the punk scene in new JERSEY. His name was Doug, and he was a big man, but his bag on the slingshot was incredibly small. It was not a good look.

This does not mean that sling bags are the exclusive prerogative of the array heroinowego , but keep in mind that anything you wear outside the house – each bag, sunglasses, a tie clip is a fashionable choice, and they all leave you open to the opinion of the masses. I hope that you do not value them too seriously, but I also hope that you are proud enough with the mind to choose a handbag to sling that will fit to your everyday wardrobe.

Review bags from our list and ask yourself the question of how connected with your favorite jacket that you wear more than any other. If it is well matched, there is a chance that it will be a bag that will serve Your style for many years, even after the transition to the next shell.

Another important and a bit more practical issue is the capacity of this bag to wear. If you have a 17 inch laptop, without which you can’t physically leave the house, you’ll need more bag to wear with a container that can customize it. The same should be said about the depth of the bag which you choose, if you are carrying a large amount of things , especially books.

However, at the end of the day we must return to the aspect of fashion, because no single bag is not very good if you want to buy it in the city.

Sending messages of love
The birth of bags and therefore bags for portability, a little hard to find. In principle, anyone who has a large enough sheet, it can wrap their products and to link them diagonally on the chest while travelling.

The first bags that we can identify in history, descended from the ancient messengers on foot, such as the Romans, Persians and Chinese. Then we can trace its modern reincarnation in the bags wore Pony Express in the old West. For some reason, nobody thought to shore bags from arrows, but we can forgive them for this omission; mail was always a bit slow.

Later, in 1950, bags equipment from linemen useful -those who are those guys that climb telephone poles to make repairs telecommunication and electric, came to resemble most messenger bags we see all over the map today.

But it was fashion designer John Peters who in 1984 przeprojektowa┼é bags, cotton in New York City Messenger Service to become the city modowym a statement among the crowd. His projects have provided tons of trend in which we all live, transferring us into the twenty-first century in the design of men’s bags, how good old boy.