Best Men’s Sandals 2017

Scientists say that our galaxy has more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches of planet Earth. Unfortunately, this is no consolation for those of us who are even a small stretch of sand in closed shoes, to the fact that it seems like sand-galaxy alarmingly trapped in our feet.

The main function of a good pair of sandals permeability to the feet, because not everyone has the sand, one might encounter in everyday life, and there is no reason not to wear every day, a good pair of shoes just because you’re not on the beach. The secondary function of a good pair of sandals is almost as important as the first one, and it allows for the overcoming of sandy areas without rupturing the liners of shoes łodziowych to zero.

What makes a good sandals, keeping in mind the above considerations, it is the openness and stability. Sandals from our list are great for these properties, and each of them is designed with one or more belts mounted to run after your feet. When you lift your foot, the straps holding the soles of sandals, adjacent to your feet.

Sandals made of everything from rubber, skin treatment, absorbent foam, cotton, nylon or synthetic. The ideal materials are waterproof, light, and right of the Constitution of the foot during.

Socks are not allowed
Men and women all over the world – especially in the West – they do a lot of work and spend a lot of money to get in shape for the summer, to achieve what is commonly called “beach body”, the level of body building, which, at least, will not be ashamed in a bathing suit on the sand. As a guy who grew up with shame to wear a shirt in the pool, until I realized how important this exercise and food, I can testify to the stress which brings the beginning of the year.

If you are going to put all this work into showing off my body, you should really start your beach equipment in as good condition as your body, if not better (maybe to make up for nieosiąganie their carnal purposes) . Good swimsuit, something I doubt to wear, but the quality of sunglasses, etc. fine, but you want to tie it all with a fine couple of legs.

All this means that even if all the other variables in mind – the materials used, comfort level, durability, price is a type of sandals that should be a starting point. From there you can go into all the other factors that you could proudly wear them, regardless of the selected pair.

Given that information about their own fashion they are so subjective, our list focuses on characteristics other than aesthetics. To unify them in the fashion world, as a rule, so that it is more comfortable and functional sandals, the less forward . For example, a couple from our list with this thick, heel foam may give you the impression to walk on clouds but you never will she tempt any location among the fashionistas.

You should ask yourself the question of where to draw the line between form, fashion and function, you can find the sandals that is right for Your personal taste, provides you the convenience and lasts longer than one summer. Promise me, yourself, and the international community one thing: not sealed their socks off. Socks and sandals together are a sin along with regicide.

Step into the past
If you’re stuck on a desert island and you wanted to make yourself a useful pair of protective covers on the legs, the chances that you will create a high, high-heeled shoes , small . In all respects it is possible to create something like the soles on the platform and find a way to attach it to the leg. In General, you will create sandals.

That, without delving too deep into using people, tools, and development of clothing, sandals, of which the oldest known pair comes with at least 8 000 BC from ancient pair of sandals found in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon.

The ancient Greeks worked primarily in one of two types of sandals. The first of them resembled sandals from our list, because they were set low on the leg and were made mostly from willow leaves, twigs and fibers.

The second style, common to the Greeks wore straps of leather and other fibers that ran up and around the ankle to the Shin. This style gained popularity in the design of sandals for women in the last decade, despite the fact that is commonly worn in Greece, hunters, horsemen and people of some authority.

Sandals never go out of fashion because one or other culture in the world always use them manually, making them out of local materials or producing them in a more industrial landscapes.