Best Melodicas 2017

Music is universal as an art form for expression, education , entertainment and treatment. Even more interesting is the fact that there is always something to learn about a new tool that may not be recognized as well-known and even popular as others. While undoubtedly you have heard about the harmonica and organs of execution, melodica is another a hybrid device with its own history.

Also known as piano or wind piano , melodica is small and portable, it is a worthwhile tool, consisting of keyboard music (with a length of about 2 octaves) with mouthpiece on one side, through which the air must be going to produce the sound. His sound is similar to a medical card klawiszowej, however, requires a little more effort to demonstrate the notes on melodyce than the harmonica because a reed is to keep on, and also because unlike the accordion, the sound on melodyce only comes with exhalation, not inhalation. To play more than one note at a time, also reminds melodica accordion.

Typically sorted on range, melodies can be divided into five types, including soprano, Alto, tenor, bass and chord . Sopranos and Altos are characterized by high frequencies, cieńszymi sounds. Some of them you can play with both hands at the same time, while the left hand plays black keys, while the right hand is concentrating on the white keys. Other games are the same as for the tenor, which is a tool with a low tone, which often uses only his right hand, the music to play on the keyboard while the left hand holds the handrail attached to the base.

Tenor melodica you can also play with both hands, but it requires insertion of the tube into the hole in ustniku and place it on a flat surface to play like a normal piano. Type of bass is usually the biggest and most expensive with a minimum slope of all 5 varieties, but often it is harder to find than others. The accordion consists of a metal and operates like a traditional melodiki, but its keyboard is more like a chromatic accordion . While the majority of melodicas are made of plastic, some of them are also made of wood with the aim of obtaining a warmer and richer sound than plastic.

Making melodica is unique from other woodwinds? The main difference is that while traditional woodwind instruments such as clarinet and saxophones, it is necessary to use multiple fingers to play single notes (mono), melodica may use the same fingers to play the chord (several notes simultaneously), making it polifonicznyurządzenie. It also brings a number of advantages, including the ability to use melodiki as a method of introducing young children to the world of music. Its compact size and the possibility of creating polyphonic ringtones make it a great music source for discharge kids on the equipment. In the end, no matter what kind of tools a young man learns to play, the experience is, to be cheerful, pleasant and evoke interest. Ringtones are also relatively inexpensive so they can be a starting point for a new student.

Maintaining compatibility with music
The first decision you have to take when you are thinking about getting one of these tools to determine what will be the intended application . If you are just starting and want to try something new, there’s no reason to break the Bank to buy the most sophisticated melodikę that you can find. There are many inexpensive options for plastic, which can create a pleasant sound. At the same time don’t want to choose and buy cheapest melodiki, because you want the tool was user-friendly, easy to play, and provided excellent sound. This will require to go to the local music store and try out different models available.

Second, consider the operation of the keyboard instrument. Describes how to quickly react to individual keys by clicking on not. Cheaper, the melodies differ sometimes easy and niekonsekwentnym feeling of keys when pressed while the more expensive models can provide a hard, heavy, feeling of sound. Of course, you want to choose what is best for you.

Thirdly, check with the care required for your device before making investments. If you plan to play a musical instrument in a group of passengers, you should invest in a secure, ventilated cover to protect it while riding. This will prevent or damage the function of the reed switch due to accumulated condensation when the weather turns cold. However, don’t leave melodiki in a hot car, as this may deform the instrument. Given that melodyce sensitive to temperature changes and condensation, it is also good to enter into the habit of releasing excess moisture that accumulates inside the machine during the game. The opening of the breather on the end of the tool and shake it vertically is a good way to get rid of it.

Remember that from time to time you will also need to adjust your tune . Although it is not necessary that the instrument was perfectly set up, the relative pitch of each note should be close enough in comparison to yourself. Or digital or strobe device can work well for this purpose, but can also consult a veteran music teacher or the store owner to help you to determine what is an acceptable range of relative heights for your specific tool.

A brief history of the Melodica
Although the form of the document already existed in the XIX century, and the modern version melodiki was invented in the 50 years of the music company Hohner , German manufacturer of musical instruments, known best with harmony and accordions. The company was founded in 1857. The watchmaker Matthias Hohnera, and in addition to the above tools also makes kazoos, flutes, flute, banjo, guitar, and even ukulele .

Melodica is not really considered a serious tool for the sixties, when composers such as Steve Reich and jazz musician Phil Moore, Jr. started using it for musical expression. Reich used the tool in his work since 1966, under the name Melodica and Phil Moore, on his Atlantic Records album from 1969 called Right On .

Currently, the device is used worldwide for a variety of musical genres, including fragrant dub, reggae and indie rock.