Best Meat Tenderizers 2017

The first time I think a punch or a piece of meat, the first image that comes to my mind is a classic unfair the movie rocky , watching Sylvester Stallone bright high cost of beef during one of his many montażów training. Okay, so, rocky probably didn’t do too much to improve the taste of beef during the film, but his most significant actions relate to the concept of representation, at least in its basic form. When enjoying dimensional style steak, the main characteristics is its consistency, ease of mastication and of course, its taste. Proper preparation of food is therefore critical to ensure continuous success relating to food. He said tenderizer login to your Arsenal of kitchen tools to make it happen.

In the simplest sense, the softener is a manual tool specifically designed to raise the level of Your taste of meat for human consumption. This is a fancy way to say that the tool helps to improve the overall consistency and quality of the cooking process for the selected pieces of meat, and at the same time makes that it is much juicier and sweeter when really she sits down to eat it.

Before we delve into what defines a softener, we must first go back and understand what it means sensitivity . Some may define the concept of delicacy General taste, but taste and tenderness is most other things. In General, the tenderness refers to various factors which include amount of resistance to chewing during the consumption as the meat roasted, for how long, the impact this process has on muscle fibers, connective tissue (e.g. collagen) and protein , and how many lose cieczyw high temperatures. The more fluids you lose during cooking, the harder it will be a piece of meat. The task of the softener is to soften these fibers and connective tissues, making Your steak has a smooth texture that is easy pogryzienia and digest.

Mechanical softeners can be divided into two main categories, matrix tools (blades) and cubic (maceracyjne). The most common tools for shuffling reminiscent of a hammer or mallet, constructed of metal or wood and also have a short handle with two uderzającymi heads. One of the chapters, usually smooth and even, while the second is equipped with ostrosłupowych number of points used to strike the surface of the meat. The second type of tools to shuffling more resembles a masher for potatoes, also equipped with a short handle, large metal surface and completely smooth, or has similar glasses in the shape of a pyramid.

In contrast, softeners for needles using a number of sharp blades designed for piercing various cuts of meat, such as whole ribs, steaks or individual roasts. Blades can cut like muscle fibers and connective tissue. When the steaks zmiękczane needle, this process is often called Jaccarding . Unlike traditional hammers for meat Jaccard has the advantage that it facilitates the penetration of oil, cleaning of spices and brine a piece of beef (instead of hitting on its surface that enhances its flavor and increases the cooking performance, thanks to perforations manufactured by companies of the blade.

Bite more than you can chew
Because the means to mitigate water occurs in a variety of styles, the main emphasis should be put on the kind or cut of meat you intend to cook. This can often lead to a suitable tool. For example, if the aim of eating is the production of very thin pieces of different pieces to use, it’s a good old-fashioned hammer might do the trick, because spłaszczysz the whole head piece of the device without a big focus on using individual points to burn muscle or connective tissue. However, if you are looking to mitigate expensive, like steak, this is the best that can be igłowany or shaft means to soften water.

Drugs to soften the needles can significantly reduce the cooking time, allowing you to get marinades and natural juices for cuts of beef that you cook, and at the same time encourage the uniform distribution of heat and cooking in the oven. However, if you plan to take to dinner and you want, how best to use your expensive food, sharp tenderizer can certainly be an advantage. Your choice also depends on what you are going to cook the way you want it to try, and how hard or soft you prefer the food for You and Your guests.

Then you should take into account ease of use and the purity cleanser. For example, if you are using a meat hammer, it needs to be ergonomic and textured holder to always have sufficient force of impact when you take the force of impact to their raw beef, and that part of the force will be absorbed by the thickness of the handle. Furthermore, it should be relatively easy to hand wash and reuse.

If you are using a device of the needle, make sure there is a sufficient number of blades, and what they are made of durable materials such as steel, stainless steel .

A brief history about meat Tenderizer
The concept of the tender has existed for centuries. The idea to consume meat stretches during the first appearance of Homo sapiens a hundred thousand years ago. Changes in genre of the two-legged, the old man had become a hunter that could help to explain the logic to develop a taste for beef in the first place. Before people used fire, meat was usually eaten raw, which caused a new problem with the definition of the method of its proper conduct . Thus, began the search for new ways to maintain the freshness and flavor of meat in a long time.

The above history, historical talk about the nomadic Tatarach from the XIII-XIV centuries, which are believed to have developed the steak tartare instead of beef, using the weight of the saddles of their horses. However, later it was recognized that these claims are false interpretation of the use of meat that the Tatars only used thinly sliced pieces of raw beef, to soothe the wounds of the horse before siodłowaniem.

The first person who patented a tool to soften the water, was Walter Dura in 1954, But Andre Jaccard has been widely recognized manufacturer of mechanical softening in the Us in the sixties.

Since the mid-twentieth century processed products for meat continues to developed from a hand-held device with a crank mechanism for these denser forms with specialized dual heads and teksturowanymi handles, all of which were built in order to improve user comfort as well as flavor dishes during their cooking. Home the availability of this simple and effective tool for cooking beef will help you in the long run, when uzbroisz to create delicious, mouth-watering steaks in the kitchen.