Best Meat Slicers 2017

Meat cleavers do that training only półmiska wędliniarskiego in excellent Kupka pastrami easier and more effective than most chefs can manually cut meat. And although high-class commercial meat cleavers, suitable for use in a busy grocery store and restaurants can cost more than two hundred and fifty dollars, quite a decent device suitable for home use, you can have approximately fifty dollars.

Many of the more expensive units have blades krojące larger diameter . In the higher price ranges you can find blades with a diameter of ten inches, and these larger units are suitable for crushing big chunks of meat like whole Turkey breast or bacon, beef (something that the home user may not even be necessary). . Most of steklorezom for meat blade has a larger diameter than seven inches. The blade diameter is 7 inches big enough to cut slices of bacon, pieces of sausage and salami and easy to handle most of the sausages . Actually rarely need even a bigger piece than those who can provide these units because most krojonych meat packaged to fit for a packaged slice of bread.

When you already know the required diameter of the blades, consider the thickness of the slices that you want to create. Most krajalników for meat can create perfectly thin slices – sometimes called “ogolonym meat” instead of pieces of meat – it really is a great gifts or additives for soups, salads and others. In some cases, however, you are interested in the opposite end of the spectrum. Some meat cleavers can cut pieces of meat with a thickness of three quarters of an inch, the large size serving of chicken breast or Turkey, beef stew, pork chops and other healthy meat. Slicer meat serve not only to make sandwiches, but for cooking that taste and look great.

You must also take into account the angle at which the meat is krajarce. Machine, making support for the presence of meat requires less effort from the user, while the car in which the meat is in a vertical position, means that there is always a helping hand for food and is putting pressure to keep her upright.

In the end, think about the size of the industry of meat that you want to create and consider the size and appearance of future steklosetki to the meat. Some meat cleavers are quite large, take up much space on the table, and they are less convenient for transportation or storage. Other models are more compact and elegant. If you have a large kitchen with lots of storage space, the size and shape of steklosetki don’t matter much. If you have an area of less, the preparation and cooking, you may want less krajalnik.

Other applications for cutting meat
There is nothing better than a great sandwich to tempt the taste buds. Many of the most famous sandwiches is quite simple to perform, provided that you have a wonderful meat and reliable way we will not cut it. In fact, two sandwiches, which are probably you order in restaurants, takes only a few minutes to get it done in the house, if you have a great krajalnicę for meat. In fact, it is thinly sliced meat that is different Reuben sandwiches and French Dip.

However, there is a good and simple reason why many people call instead, meat cleavers : these devices can be used for cutting much more than meat. In fact, there is no better way of cutting hard cheese , many kinds of bread and all kinds of fruit and vegetables than with sokorski, call the device what you want.

The use of steklosetki to meat one carrot will be more prolonged and difficult than using a knife but the use of steklosetki for coins, seven or eight carrots at the same time just smart. The machine can be used to create excellent homemade chips, and slices of zucchini and many other products. Provided that the machine blade is properly sharpened, these devices can even be used for cutting softer foods such as tomatoes, eggplants and other.

And when it has the appropriate blade (usually serrated in this case), the machine can create perfect slices of bread. Thus, a slicer for slicing meat can help in the creation of the sandwich, from bread to cheese, to meat, most vegetables.

Remember that your car is a wonderful work and should not be used for all products. For example, do not try to slice soft cheese with krajalnicą, I think You’ll like the hours on cleaning the cheese from his tools and housing. Citrus fruits also tend to disintegrate when cutting through solarski fed and it is better to develop them manually.

On the safety note, always use a protective palm during operation of the device regardless of the food you are slicing. Note also gloves that protect against cuts .

Maintenance cut of meat
If you want to enjoy krajalnicą meat for many years, you should be prepared to periodically maintenance. Even the best car in the world will not help you to make a great dish with slices of salami, if you let the blade has become dull. And, of course, there are points motor and settings to worry about.

Starting from the engine – as the car is just a big paperweight without it – you need only periodic maintenance, but maintenance on the engine, which orbits so close to your product, it means a bit more care than you can use with another device.

Many steklorezom meat is fully sealed motors that do not require lubrication. If your needs require periodic lubrication, it is necessary to choose the lubricant is food quality assessed as safe for ” incidental contact with food “. They are often called white oils tłuszczowymi and you can find them online or in good stores supply restaurants. The same lubricants should be used on the shoulder to drive or if necessary with screws. (In other words, do not use WD-40.)

If we are talking about maintaining a sharp blade, you can give it to the professionals or buy the sharpening stone and spend a little time to learn how to use it.