Best Marine Stereos 2017

Marine environment difficult. The combination of sun, salt water, extreme temperatures, wind and the continuous strikes can damage sensitive electronics. Unlike marine stereo sets, standard automotive receivers are not built to withstand this kind of abuse. Unique physical makeup of salt water, making it highly conductive to electric charges . Only a small amount of salt water in the car receiver may quickly cause a short and possibly a fire. In terms of navigation, particularly in motor boats where wind and sea stronger, it’s inevitable that at some time the sea water gets to your boat stereo.

It’s not only the shorts are a problem for electronics in salt water. Corrosion is a serious problem. The combination of salt water and oxygen, it can quickly destroy the metals that are not designed to withstand continuous influence on them. Słonowodna corrodes metal five times faster than fresh water. That’s why people invented the marine metals , which have special alloying elements, which help to protect from corrosion.

Marine stereotypes are built to meet the harsh conditions of open water. Most will be equipped with a water-resistant front panel, and many of them also includes a waterproof remote control. As we mentioned earlier, we are not talking about that water got into the marine stereo, but when . Even in the case of using the front panel the combination of wind with the sea water flow at some point will cause the stream of water into a stereo set. That is why manufacturers produce stereosfery sea printed circuits covered with a layer of konforemną, made of silicone, acrylic or other polymer. Due to the elastic properties of these coatings konformalnych, they can reach all corners of the printed circuit Board and effectively create a seal that is resistant to water and dust.

How to choose a Marine Stereo
One of the first factors when choosing a marine stereo should be the size of the existing stereo that you are replacing. If you insert a stereo in a boat that had never been and you are going to cut a new hole, of course, it doesn’t matter. Most people, however, buys a new set of stereo to replace the corrupted our outdated model. In this case it is important to buy one that is in the current section.

It is also important to look at the power settings of each model. Most boat owners do not plan to use an external amplifier, and it is expected that their main unit will provide enough power to the speakers. If you do not plan to install large, complicated and powerful system with subwoofer and amplifier, you will need a model that will produce enough power to create a good sound on high głośnościach.

When reading specifications, you may receive the peak output power or RMS value . Peak power is the amount of watts, which can be generated at the moment the stereo. RMS is the average amount of energy that can produce at that time. Peak power is always higher than RMS. For example, a stereo with a peak power of 50 watts per channel usually has about 20 watts RMS per channel. Because of this, most manufacturers publish specifications peak power because they sound more impressive. For most users, enough models with capacity from 40 to 60 watts of peak power per channel. Since most of the basic units has four channels, thus affecting the overall peak capacity from 160 to 240 watts.

If you have a large CD library, it would be good to choose a model with a CD player. With the advent of digital music players, CD players are now standard in marine and automobile stereo sets, so if that’s important to You, make sure that the unit you are considering has a. Also take into account what type of connection you need. There are modules Bluetooth, AUX, USB ports and slots for SD memory cards. You can choose one of them or try to save a little money by choosing a model without these features, if the budget is tight.

There are a few other options to consider. If you have a house in his boat, and you want to have full control of the boat under the deck, or while fishing on the stern, the model is equipped with a remote control will help You best. Block przewymiarowanymi keys can be convenient and makes it easier to control while driving at high speed. Define your needs before you make a purchase.

The difference between Marine Stereos and Marine Traffic
Free app landlubbers and new boat, often confusing terms, radio-marine and marine stereo. For older dogs, the marine, the difference may be obvious, but it’s not hard to understand why some people can be misleading. Not uncommon when we’re talking about a car receiver, to identify it as a radio. In fact, these two concepts are practically interchangeable.

Marine stereo is used primarily for music playback. Some models can, of course, be used as a speakerphone, if the offer is Bluetooth and microphone support. Marine radio devices, able to transmit and receive messages . Are used for communication on international fixed frequencies , called channels . In the U.S. most of these channels are in the frequency range 156 MHz and 174. In order to get help from emergency services, you can use the marine radio to contact the carriers mostowymi to ask to open up and talk with the captains of other ships or sailors. They are also often used to listen to the reports weather and sea.

In accordance with the rules in force in the United States some types of vessels are to be sure, include the category and the availability of marine radio on Board. These include vessels with a capacity of more than 300 gross tons, the boat rental is a coast guard certified to carry more than six passengers in the open sea or tidewaters, ships, motor longer than 60 feet, niezakażone commercial fishing boats and a few others. Most pleasure craft applies to voluntarily-equipped category, but, despite this, still wise to keep a radio on Board.