Best Margarita Machines 2017

The original machine Margarita was based on a model of serving soft ice cream dispenser. The margarita machine must at the same time to crush or shave ice and grind all the ingredients to make the perfect Frozen Margarita. Designed for storage margaritas, re-mixing and to maintain them in fresh condition for several hours, so that people can enjoy them throughout the day.

When working properly, the Margarita machine will not leave behind large amounts of ice in the drink. All ingredients are smoothly mixed, and a delicious frozen drink you can easily drink from a Cup or through a straw.

Because the Us is number one in the market tequila in the world , it seems that the Margarita is one of the most popular drinks.

The Americans noticed? they drink an average of 185,000 margaritas per hour . It can be assumed that many of them is a frozen Margarita, which means that the machines Margarita across the country are working over time to get the perfect drink, frozen.

Many of margaritowych machines here contains settings for mixing not only margaritas, but daquiris, pineapple shakes, smoothies and other popular frozen drinks.

Don’t forget to celebrate the Day of National Cuisine, February 22 !

How to buy a car Margarita
You have a lot of options for shooting Margarita. You can just use a regular blender, or you can improve the margarita restaurant, which automatically keeps drinks cold for hours. Most of the cars presented on this page is somewhere between these two extremes.

Once you get the right recipe, you can combine it with the selected car to create the best Margarita.

Maybe you wondered what’s the difference between normal and blenderem blenderem developed specially for margarit. In the end, it’s quite a difference in price. Whether to buy a Margarita blender?

The short answer is: Yes.

Margarita or other frozen drink blender was designed specifically for crushing and mixing of ice with a smooth, delicious consistency . But it can sometimes make an ordinary mixer, often it is not intended for permanent use. This can cause rapid wear of the blades or the combustion engine of a blender than a blender of margaritas.

When you buy a blender Margarita, the most expensive is not necessarily the best choice . The final decision depends on Your individual needs and how often you plan to use the blender for making frozen drinks. If you intend to use it only in special cases, it may be cheaper models. If you organize regular parties and drinking cold drinks every day or every half day, use one of the more durable models large capacity.

When you are trying to make a decision, look at factors such as ease to use controls and easy to clean . It is an added bonus, if there are parts that can be washed in the dishwasher. Before buying, check the warranty and customer service and return policy. Convenience is a big factor when making expensive purchases.

Make sure you assess your specific needs when you decide on the margarita machine is right for You.

Martinez: American hero
The world’s first ice Margarita machine was invented by Mariano Martinez in Dallas in Texas in 1971. Inspired by his frozen, sparse cars in zones 7-11 and ultimately transformed the old ice cream machine soft frozen magic Margarita.

Martinez debuted the car at the restaurant, which he opened in the same year, and it was an immediate hit. The biggest problem that he faced was the preparation of mixed drinks fast enough for his clients, and this machine helped to solve the issue. His Mexican restaurant was one of the most popular places to eat and drink in Dallas .

Martinez did not patent the machine, causing the distribution of words about his invention, and others began to copy and improve. Machine for frozen drink quickly became a mainstay in many bars and restaurants that have license to serve alcohol.

This, in turn, increased the demand for tequila in the United States and greatly strengthened the industry.

Currently frozen margaritas are a popular drink that can be ordered in almost every restaurant, even if it is not specified on the menu. The world’s first ice machine Margarita is now on exhibition in the Smithsonian Institute.