Best Magnetic Screen Doors 2017

From mid-spring to mid-autumn, most of the United States of America is blessed with weather that requests to open doors and Windows. In some regions, people have the happiness to enjoy the mild weather all year round , which means more opportunities to open doors and Windows wpuszczały fresh and pleasant air.

However, with these clean powiewami that reaches your home, there can be unwanted wind-borne dust and debris as well as insects that can be annoying or, in some cases, to pose a real threat to health. Insects such as ticks or mosquitoes can transmit any number of diseases .

Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy the fresh air inside the house while keeping insects at a distance. You can choose chemical or organic repellents, such as sprays for worms or candles cytronelowe; you can set traps, which attract worms, and then catch them or kill by reducing the number of likely offenders; or you can use fans to direct air flow and to prevent the ingress of flying insects in the house.

But the best way to enjoy the fresh air and, simultaneously, to prevent the ingress of insects into the house, not to mention preventing bałaganowi leaves, twigs and other impurities moving with the wind, is the creation of physical barriers. Each standard window, likely already arranged in the screen, otherwise it will be easy to buy a screen or window it is quick and cheap to collect in most stores of iron.

Doors, on the contrary, are a little more difficult problem, since unlike the Windows are a necessary means of human transition. Instead of having to decide on expensive, hard przesłonowe doors – doors that are often awkward and ugly – to consider a door with magnetic touch screen that stops the error, but allow easy access for people and animals.

The choice of a suitable screen magnetic
The process of choosing the correct door with magnetic touch screen for Your home (or home on the lake, office, workshop, etc.) Comes down to two main reasons:

The first question is quite simple: if door standard bed? This means that the doors are usually about 80 inches tall and between 24 and 36 inches in width that typically range for American design . However, if you have a custom single doors or you have sliding doors, French doors, even garage doors, then you need to work a little to find the right solution.

Secondly, you need to think who will use doors and how often. If the door rarely and are almost exclusively adults, it is one of the cheaper, more simple magnetic shielding is probably a good choice because the adults are able to pass the screen carefully and verify that it is securely sealed. On the other hand, doors are often used by kids or Pets needs to be quite durable, resistant to impact and reliably seals after each use . (Door with magnetic screen is useless if they have a large gap in which the magnets do not touch.)

Installation and maintenance screen door magnetic
Part of the selection of appropriate doors with magnetic touch screen for your property is the installation and maintenance of the unit as easy to install and service doors with magnetic touch screen can help You make sure that you select the correct .

Most magnetic shielding is installed with a system of Velcro: one strip of Velcro applied to the frame with glue, while the contour of the screen is lined with the second half of the Velcro . Velcro straps have the disadvantage that they are free and have a vulnerability, through which can penetrate the bubbles, but benefit from the transaction is if the screen will be attracted or pushed too cruel. (These screens can always be installed for more secure mounting with nails for trim, clips, or other methods).

Other magnetic door screens use the ring hanging on the hooks and require far more labor intensive installation process, but rarely depict the cracks around their edges. (For the record, if we are talking about much larger, non-standard door openings, such as those on the porch or in the garage, and magnetic shield in the style Velc may not even be an option).

In the weeks and months your magnetic door screens are a little dusty and dirty and you’ll want to keep them clean, simple aesthetic purposes like and doing your job and leaving a lot of clean, fresh air inside, while keeping all others.

Fortunately, cleaning of the magnetic screens is a painless process. If wiping them with a damp cloth is not enough, just gently soak the screens in a bucket of cold water with soap, and then rinse them multiple servings of clean water. If possible, hang the screen back into its frame with the towel beneath it; if necessary, check the screens on the line of the garment to drain and to dry air.