Best Magic Kits 2017

Each magic kit worth its salt should have a deck of cards and a magic wand. The deck can be used for any number lion. The wand can be used to disperse attention, to store items or for winding in for a surprise.

Some sets can have the coat (keep an eye on a few hidden pockets wszywanych for lining). Some sets can also be equipped with a series of wipes, which can be mounted to the sleeve. Some sets may contain a mysterious box that can be used for magical disappearance of objects, and then appears again. And some sets can be supplied with a slipknot rope or rings linking.

Most people have seen some version of tricks with ropes, connecting. At the moment, the three metal rings, each of which is closed, as the chain links. Another trick of palm and rings begin to separate. It’s the same basic premise for the rope, which is very wrong, before she will be free.

In the world of magic everything has a dual purpose. The best kits are built to act like your own magic tables (along with some hidden compartments); Bowls for fireplaces are designed to be folded so they could fit in the box. Despite this, the most important aspect of any magic kit is a simple instruction manual. If the code of a magician, can be considered a maze, this simple guide is similar to a torch in the dark.

Why I can use magic?
If you are an experienced magician will likely not need a basic set of magic. You learned these techniques and have bought these mounts. As a result, most modern magic sets sold by the everyday life of adults . In some cases, adults are buying sets for their children. In other cases, adults are interested in learning magic tricks.

Consider, for example, Over the guardian, who may use tricks in any magic set to confuse children who watch a lot of hours. Also, each teacher in a primary school can store in the class of magic set to entertain or to teach their students. Every high school student can use magic tricks to demonstrate the laws of physics, and every teacher of algebra can use magic tricks to demonstrate the laws of mathematics .

Sets magic is a great way to build relationships with each child, and magic is a great way to break the ice from each adult. Study of one or two receptions can allow you to break the ice during a meeting, or allow you to flirt with someone you just met at the bar. In the same direction that magic is a great way to increase their tips if you’re a bartender. This is a great resource if you work in any field in which a day you communicate with strangers.

If you live in the city, shooting street magic, can help you earn extra money. If you live in the country, performing magic can take time during the long drive. Magic in the best case is a universal form of communication. Magic has been confused to be funny, engage and share.

A brief history of MAG
Ancient “Wise men” was the voice … the priests, living in the V century BC. The Greeks believed that the priests can be mistykami because of their ritual spells. Repeat Mages was named magikÄ… , a term that eventually evolved to encompass all unexplained phenomena.

Magic “tricks” remained in oral tradition until the sixteenth century, when it was published the first magic user. Over the next two centuries, the magic went from dark arts to perform in the public squares . Magic retained power in mystification, and magic, depending on how her training, had the power to raise or weaken the reputation of the person. Some mages were considered, for example, for the wizards, while others were considered radujÄ…cych themselves gentlemen, who have had a rare glimpse into the everyday life.

The first known wizards began to appear in Europe in 40 years. XIX century. Was Houdin , the French clockmaker, whose legendary storyboard widely based on illusions . Was John Henry Anderson , a Scottish orphan who eventually became known as ” The Great Wizard of The North. And then there was Houdini , the American escape artist who chose his pseudonym as a tribute to Houdina.

When the magic entered the twentieth century, between the pre-and purystami appeared quarrel. Some of the wizards represented as possessing supernatural powers , while others were left with a mountain to the fact that what they did was only an act. After the second world war there was a sharp protest against mages who have uncovered their secrets, but also held an internal competition to convince myself that mages can first replicate some of the most amazing stunts in the day.

Today magic is a combination of mild curiosity and big business. Fans scenes, such as Ricky Jay, revels in the great tradition of mysticism, while Vegas behaves as Penn and teller really have used as a result of the deconstruction of the illusions of other magicians. Of course, there is another market for physically demanding feats, such as David blaine and Criss Angel. Blaine and angel are a very popular subset of performers, including major performances are the study of what the human body can overcome.