Best Luggage Sets 2017

Where does a passion for travel ? How to explain the pure, incomprehensible joy that you experience when traveling?

Sometimes quite satisfying to take a little trip just for a day or two to the nearest place of rest. The trip there and back may take not more than a few accumulated hours, but they can be responsible for a massive break from the monotony of our quotidian. With such short trips do not need to pack; a few dollars in his pocket and the clothes on her back should be enough. Bring a sweater to be safe.

At other times, however, the need to participate in the walk a lot more, which requires longer, more accurate travel. In America, the trip generally does not last longer than two weeks every year, if you don’t want to risk losing my job. However, two weeks is plenty of time to inspire You to Repack, and even conventional packer among us need a few bags for the long trip.

When you want to get away for a while and you want to do it in the same style, buy a set of porter. For the first 20 or 30 years of our life we are happy miszmy with suitcases and bags, but when we are approaching true maturity, kit porter is becoming increasingly important for our increasingly sophisticated brains. With more than half a dozen suitable handbags will greatly facilitate the organization even the whole family.

The sets in our list, in hard or soft shells, depending on the brand, but they all have wheels along the bottom, large bags, so it can be rolled around airports and train stations in the world to content the heart. Small bags designed for use on wheels, as a rule, do not have wheels, but they double as a large handbag weekend when this hike will hit you a little easier.

Nuclear family abroad
For a long time the perfect family in the United States consisted of a pair of parents, 2.5 children and a pet or two. Add the green lawn, white beginners and cadillac on the road, and you have an image of what some consider the “American Dream”. These figures and ideals are constantly changing , and it’s good, but I suggest to use them as a model for one perspective of the evaluation sets of Luggage.

It is possible that you look at these sets as an investment for the family, with the largest parts designed for parents and smaller bags designed for children. Complete with only three or four bags is enough to make one purse was in each person. Every hand baggage probably will not match the set.

Conversely, for men, three or four art might be an exaggeration, if you are very heavy “errand boy” or fly to the destination within one month. The ideal scenario is one in which you can get a few sets, one for the separation between one parent and child, and the other for the separation between the second parent and the child. This gives everyone a choice of size and style.

In the end, even more than pure numbers, is the size and style of bags that will attract you to them. You want to find something that will be necessary as Your dressing room as Your journey.

Some people, for example, despise the endless and unnecessary rolowaniem of each bag through the terminal. At some point, the extra space occupied by the distance created over the shoulder bags resets all the advantages of ease of movement, as a space which restricts the movement becomes much less. Kit with improvised bags designed for wearing, not zrolowanymi can appeal to your sensitivity.

Other passengers prefer to focus on the protection of their things, and all the sets of bags without hard shells, lots of cabinets and system for the secure storage of neatly folded clothes on the flight will be quickly disqualified from the contest.

Journey comes to us
A large part of human history, travel was a practical event. One went from point a to point b in search of work, family or open. Exploration was a huge majority of the travelling, although most people lived in agrarian life of simplicity, being born, growing up and dying in the same city.

In the late nineteenth century, the journey to herself, noted an unprecedented increase in frequency as the end of the industrial revolution and the end of the civil war brought the development of the new middle class.

Those travelers relied mainly on the trunks and pouches to carry things, and this first belonged to the rich czeladników and women, and this was for those who are accustomed to managing.

At some point, some suppliers of travel accessories started to equip their bags on the carpet iron frames, increasing their strength and the ability to laying in stacks during transport. The popularity of this new style grew, and the first suitcases we could call it, were born.