Best Levels 2017

Regardless of whether you are a carpenter, interior decorator or installer, if you want to achieve, you have to use a level. These modest, convenient devices use the basic physical attributes of gravity and buoyancy to quickly and accurately determine angles. And so just as the properties of the game level, there may be something more than just eyes with these known instruments, both in terms of function and history.

Let’s go back to the time before the builders and hobbystyczni masters will be able to purchase cheap, reliable level, when only will be glad.

An early device for the alignment was used to help the builders to build everything from the pyramids at Giza to the Parthenon to the Colosseum and beyond. Simple level can be calculated by using the weighed object is suspended under the tripod carefully measured, and the inclination of the strings suited at the angle of 90 degrees (or observe the lack of it). Even an action as simple as placing a ball on a flat surface, it can help to determine how the level can be or not, and to determine the direction of tilt, if any.

The first known level of close to modern design was invented somewhere in the mid-17th century, probably in 1661, It was the year in which the letters of the French inventor, scientist, cartographer, author Melchisédech Thévenot first make mention of his new device, early, but the functional level of the bubbles . The spread of the invention Thévenota it took several decades, but in early 1700. The levels were wide enough that we still have many surviving examples of the previous generation of this ubiquitous tools.

The correct name of the device, usually called simply the level is at the level of the spirit, of the facts . This name comes from the fact that the liquid in the bubble level (a small glass tube with green liquid and … a bubble, for the record), usually in alcohol, such as ethanol or some other similar spirit. Alcohol has a wider range of temperatures than fluid, than water, and therefore less vulnerable to problems associated with the distribution, which can be caused by water that freezes in the form sold, i.e. ice. This helps to avoid cracking of the bottles, even if used at low temperatures.

Projects that require the use of level
If you’re trying to hang a framed photo in your home, chances are that you will be able to view the seemingly parallel to the surface without the use of a level. However, if you know that a lot of photos or images (or other multimedia elements) are compatible with each other, eyes clearly will be able to determine which of them disabled, through the juxtaposition of different frames. Therefore, precise placement of multiple images requires a certain level.

When it comes to working in construction, has no options, except precision: safety and durability of the building or home, fully depend on it. Most people in the world of professional designer will have at least sporadyczną the need to use level. While the plumber or electrician can sometimes leave only when use level, their work is largely hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors, in the end, staff will use a level almost every hour of every day of the working week.

Especially the masons and butchers will have great demand for the level in their work, because each angle is from a layer of bricks, or beams passing through the roof must be accurate. This occurs because all the following work (the next layer of bricks, for example, or a tree associated with a frame roof) depends on the prior precision of accuracy.

If you ever see a team that works on the street of the city, or standing on a construction site, understand the device is placed on a tripod, so you’re spying on people using advanced level for geodetic purposes . In fact, this particular technique is called geodetic leveling is to use an optical surveillance device that is associated with the level and in the long pięciolinią, which is the core in a vertical position and marked with the legend. The same basic level design, developed in the XVII century in France, continues to report on the construction of modern roads or Foundation of a skyscraper.

Characteristics that you should look at his level
For some projects, enough to pass the laser . Projects such as laying of sheets, planning a long wall hanging of images arranged on one axis or the other projects in which the final results will be scattered at a distance, and they are clearly visible, they are much easier thanks to a consistently direct connection to the rzucanej by the user. level .

Most levels contains two different vials at a right angle relative to each other, and for most people these two bottles is enough. One easy way to determine, respectively, a straightened positioning, while the second allows the correct alignment on a level with the ground. However, if your work (or at least the project at hand) requires exact angles that other than the orientation 180 or 90 degrees, search level fiolkami set at different angles to help you maintain the accuracy of their work. (Probably the next most important angle of 45 degrees. Some minor levels are also contain vials at an angle of 30 degrees).

Level with a good built-in magnet can help you free your hands while you work, helping you to complete the work, even if you’re working alone. Some levels also contain other mounting options, for example, adjustable screw, which can be used for attaching the level to a pipe, beam or piece of wood of the framework during installation, and then lock the material on the website. These functions are blocking, they are great for working with materials niemagnetycznymi.

In contrast to conventional wisdom, there are also moments when you’ll want level, which is definitely not magnetic . From the metal poles used for fastening sheets of drywall, depending on the types of structures to the surface under the sink, filled with pipes for a project when the item you are trying to install itself is made out of metal that attracts magnets, magnetyzowany level can sometimes is more of a barrier than a boon.

Levels of magnetic zręczniej and can rather place a number of metals, iron-rich, not out of alignment due to the force of gravity. And they can be easily moved from the road when the time comes the start of drilling, pile driving or immersion of the screw.