Best Legos For Adults 2017

Since 1958, the brick of plastic in the form of an empty overlap with the upper spikes became known as the Lego Brick . Since that time, a simple form has inspired generations of builders to create their full potential. After addition of a standard minifigure to uśmiechania in 1978, Legos became a plastic spectacle of human capability. With a little imagination and a lot Legosach the possibilities were unlimited. The first set of premises, Lego became available in 1979. It was the first set of thematic ; available with special features and blocks, which were unavailable elsewhere.

The birth of these themed Legos led them to the throne of industry set, and it was licensed themed sets that saved Lego of bankruptcy in the 90-ies. The XX century . The number of births decreases, the video games grew, and the kids just never played with toys that did not provide immediate gratification. The amount of time required for the construction of an unknown Lego set was not worth the investment for many children.

In addition to a number of innovations in the field of management, Lego has become permanent, creating a more well-known sets under license . The set, which restored the lego on the edge, was Star Wars ; and she used for this specific policy: participation in loyal users Lego. The use of LEGO transpokoleniowe and food for children and adults-it’s a short expedition to the top of the market.

Like the only things that really create a specific set of Lego for adults is the complexity of the system and the likelihood that the adult will be appropriately involved through the game with him. While many adults chooses the game with the most Lego sets; others will buy the sets just because they like free, regardless of the skill level of the employed in the enterprise.

Why legos are amazing for adults and children?
Lego became the largest toy manufacturer in the world by accident. They are probably the most versatile toy on the market. Most people from childhood has the option of stacking the two Legos together, and the result is, as a rule, the creative impulse, which can be solved only through more Legos.

Unlike many other toys, Legos has the possibility of accounting of almost all ages, and one set of Lego can be fun to connect with the whole family. Legos is a combination of puzzles, mini design, sculpture and toys that are equally fun for children and adults.

The Lego sets also offer adults the opportunity of learning through experience. Studies have shown that using Lego as an example, what powers of mind, better learning through example. In this regard, the presence of someone who shows how to create an object using Legos, can stimulate creativity in your brain.

Especially in the case of Lego sets, these manipulative tasks were easier to perform, when I first made them a different person than just reading a pamphlet with instructions. This is good for the brain for children and adults alike, developing new ways of learning and more rapid ways of processing the instructions.

Working with Lego also promotes improved motor function, coordination and creativity, and allows children and adults to the loss of their own imagination. This time of the game is extremely important , because we know that the lack of pleasure can lead to development problems and have a very negative impact on the proper development of the brain.

What is the biggest benefit from Legos for adults?
Outside creative play, Legos for adults, and still allows practical use through the concept known as Lego Serious Play . LSP was developed in part Kjeld behind Kirk Kristiensena, the owner of Lego. Includes a set of actions connecting the metaphorical modeling, building with Lego and focus groups to investigate complex problems. Was created as an innovative process to enhance sharpness and overall business performance. Studies show that this particular form of practice, fully engaged learning provides a deeper, more significant understanding of the world, and provides possible solutions to business problems. The results seem to have some power of metaphor.

The creators of the LSP believe that metaphors provide radically different ways of understanding things. Metaphors derive personal feelings associated with the problem, allowing the participants to see the bigger image. Reaching decisions by using extended metaphors, companies are able to overcome their problems in an efficient but fun way; hence the name of the serious game .

LSP borrows and adapts the concept of constructivism and can play an important role in supporting wielozmysłowych to come to ponder over, along with the writing, or instead of. The structure of Lego Serious Play allows the participants to freely explore and develop new ideas without fear that’s not a joke, or look silly. After all, they are just playing with Legosem.