Best Leaf Mulchers 2017

In principle, there are two categories mulczerów leaf: blowers for leaves that can change the direction of air flow to suck the sheets, and facing units for which feed on the blades of the leaves.

Approach fan has two obvious advantages, the first of which is that these units can be used to collect leaves in the fire, not to mention wysadzaniu pine needles, dust, pollen and many other materials from the yard, patio , sidewalks, streets, and so on.

Blower also offer excellent mobility; they can easily be brought into the pile of leaves, regardless of where he is in the backyard. Their shortcomings have several levels of speed and capacity. Blower for the leaves is used to collect the leaves and process them slower than on my feet a leaf mulcher makes, and this requires frequent, often dirty, emptying the storage bags.

Mulczery standing heavier and require more effort to create initially, but once on the website and ready, these units can cope with tens of gallons of leaves within one minute, perform a little work, even of the biggest piles of leaves. Good mulczer can reduce the number of leaves by a factor of ten or more, increasing the ease of removing or helping to prepare large quantities of useful droppings on the leaves.

You can buy a decent compressor for leaves of less than one hundred dollars, or you can spend thousands more for a unit with a maximum mulczer / crusher. Ultimately, the size of your estate and the amount of materials with which you are dealing with will be the best way to inform the choice.

Sheet Actually Against It. Leaf shape
Simply put, sheet mulching is nothing more than chopped leaves. What are you doing to lay liściową after collection and preliminary crushing process, which is important. Fallen leaves represent an experienced gardener and / or gardener with free universal abundance of material. The leaves can be chopped into mulę useful for many purposes, ranging from protection of seeds by fertilizing crops, the creation of an attractive cover land used as a decorative element. If you want to use the leaves as cover , only to pass them through the mulcher some point, as we wanted a mix of material sizes to create a nice appearance of mulch provides.

Remember that you will have to periodically update the top layer of your litter when you crash. (And don’t use as bedding wrap without a layer of fabric or plastic under it during the spring or summer, if your property is susceptible to weed growth – mulch is made from leaves that actually can increase the growth of weeds instead of limit them, if we take into account the relevant circumstances .)

If you want Your list worked, helping to prepare the soil for the next season on new growth, you need to do some more steps. The leaves are rich in nutrients that can play a huge role in creating the perfect compost, suitable for the production of edible products, and bright flowering plants. However, the leaves themselves are unable to create compost; they play a pretty important role in balancing the green component in compost, such as food scraps and weeds or plants cut. To use leaves in compost, you should first grind them to mulch the leaves and then break in the sheet material, rich in nutrients and minerals, which easily spreads on the preparation.

Manufacturer of leaf – simple, but requires patience. The easiest way to make a huge stack poszatkowanych leaves, and then wait for several years. A more realistic approach is to determine the area of yard where you can build a pen type large enough to hold a few dozen cubic feet of shredded leaves. Throw in this pen crushed leaf litter and plan to have it was wet, and at least once a week drive material, using forks, rakes or shovels. Another alternative method is the use of glass in the compost .

If you leave ragged leaves wet and moving, you should be in the form liściową for six months. The shape of the leaves has a dark brown color and will be soft, moist and tender, falls apart easily in his fingers.

The best way to use Mulched Leaves
The crest can be loosely defined as any material lying flat on the ground (or on the beds or in pots, etc.), Which is aimed at changing the environment, the land, whether in the aspect of aesthetic and / or physical. In other words, the mulch can help your podwórkowi look great and can help in keeping soil and plants in it healthy and solidniejszej.

If you spent the time to produce batch of leaf mold, then shrubs, flowers and plants that you think or cure in the spring, will have a pretty good rest of the year due to the nutrients that gives this unique material. You should apply the mold leaves around perennials , shrubs and vegetables. Make sure you never use the shape of the leaf blade with a thickness greater than two inches and keep the material several inches from the actual stem of the plant; liściowa mold retains so much moisture, which can actually prevent the plants receive the necessary water, if spread too thickly or near the roots of the plant.

If you have a thicker, more dry mulch leaves, you want to use for decorative purposes, make sure that it lies on the colon surface. A deep layer of leaves mulczowanych is the best way to prevent weeds through coatings and thick layers also help to obtain uniformity of appearance. Consider first the distribution layer niezgniecionych leaves, and then laid on top of a layer mulczowanych leaves; it also suppresses weed growth and slows decomposition of the top layer.