Best Knitting Needle Sets 2017

Through shops such as Etsy, Ebay, and shopping savings account is available for most of the modern world, knitting clothes, of course, not necessary for the purposes of the budget, but this centuries-old artistic craft has a number of other advantages. Knitting can induce a state of relaxation similar to that experienced by meditation and yoga. The knitting process, reduces heart rate and blood pressure and even decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol .

As in the case of meditation to do on the wire requires focusing on one or two body parts. Meditation focuses on the chest and abdomen during the execution of breathing exercises. In action man focuses on his fingers. This type of concentration, calms the mind and soothes the body.

Sedative effects knitting has become so common that many organizations Wellness uses of artistic craft in their programs. Life coach, Karen Zila Hayes, in charge of a group called Knit to Quit, which encourages its members to produce yarn and needles at every moment when there is a need to smoke. Hayes also started the Stitch is the Internet, which helps people who have just received a message that a family member is seriously ill feeling. Even prison inmates offer help in stress relief and suppression of aggression .

Knitting is also very useful for the development and maintenance of healthy brain. It turned out that the craft helps the children to fix the math, and to prevent a decline in brain function in the elderly . One study showed that knitting can improve memory function in older people . People of any age who are struggling with eating disorders, said that knitting reduces fear for their body and weight, as well as reduced frequency of episodes of binge eating.

Different types of knitting needles
In knitting they are like sewing needles for hand and machine, both of which are available with two different types of points; ball points, and universal points. Better ball point for knitted fabrics . Easy to move between threads without stretching them and changing them. Glasses, ball will not stick and separate the strands of the micro, so it is good to luźniejszych materials.

On the other hand, points to the universal push through the fibers, making them perfect for heavy materials such as denim or corduroy. The type of fabric will determine the needle size. Very tightly threaded material can be disposed of through a needle that is too large, while the baggy fabric easier to work with large needles.

Girls will find a lot of variety in needle for hand sewing. These for applying glitter or beads on the fabric is very thin and long, and his eyes półelastyczne. Needles, used to work with szenilem material, resembling the fur of caterpillars – they are long and thick, and they have big eyes, because dziewiarka must be able to work with a few strips of yarn at the same time.

Normalization , i.e. the recovery of discontinuities in the tissue or amplification of the material that was used, requires its own special needle. Needle cerująca has an average thickness, but the duration may vary depending on the type of fabric being used.

Needles for working with leather have a triangular point with a very small eye, which can fit in the tightly interwoven strands of material. While working with the skin needle hand are used mainly for embroidery or decorating material. Upholstery leather or their production is used for sewing machines.

The history of knitting
It is believed that the earliest form of knitting began in Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered the country a pair of socks from knit fabric, which probably comes from the XI century. The difficulties in tailoring, how to sew ruffles found in the short heel, I suppose that civilization has long done knitting socks. Archaeologists also found other items in the same region that have kind of knit, with notes of sophisticated technology called pobłogosławieniem , which is a method with which it forms several loops using a needle and thread. Other objects dated from the XI century to represent the Coptic stitch, which historians can turn to knitting.

Most historians claim that knitting originated in the middle East before moving to Europe. The first European country in which there was a wire that was England. In the XIII century sailors and British soldiers wore hats knit. This method has gained popularity among the masses, but for a long time because of the complexity in the manufacture of steel needles. Queen Victoria was an avid weaver, and during his reign in the years 1837-1901 spopularyzowała craft. European colonists later brought knitting for America.

The first machine for knitting-uses were invented in 1589. Through a priest named William Lee. Only in 1864, a man named William cotton has developed a complete, the knitting machine that produces a custom, pre-formed parts of the Jersey. During the first world war people were sending socks, scarves, gloves and helmets to soldiers in France, to provide them with a sense of comfort during their absence. In the eighties and nineties, changes in fashion trends and access to inexpensive, imported binding has led to the fact that these skills were not so relevant in the garment industry, but remain a favorite pastime.