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Mill is designed for straightening edges or thinning and alignment of the distorted piece of wood. Planing machines were designed to help the carpenter to create a uniform thickness of the whole Board and make two parallel surfaces.

Ławostoły in the style of the table will have the table feed, which includes Board and table output in which the plate out of the car. Inside the machine between the two tables are arranged in the cutting head. Its cutting blade aligned to the table output, while the table feed decreases the distance equal to the amount of wood that you want to remove from the playing field.

When the Board passes through the machine, the cutting head removes the right amount of wood, and then cutting the Board supported the outgoing table at the exit. If someone tries to straighten the Board, the adjustable fence serves as a guide when the plate is placed router.

Planing machines should be used after the passage of the plate through the cutter that the entire fee was a uniform thickness and to make the other side parallel to the side that was flattened using a router. The machine removes wood along the entire length of the Board from end to end.

Planing in the form of benches will have a roll recipient, which captures the playing field while submitting her to the car. When it moves through the machine, past the cutting head, which removes part of the tree. Depending on the amount of wood that must be removed, infographics can be repeatedly passed through strugarkę. Machines are not effective for straightening wood, because often just follow the curvature of wood during their wypłaszczania, leading to a thinner but still curved Board.

Determining whether you need Aterera or planing Machines
The first step before beginning work on a piece of wood to determine which tool you should use. You can do this by checking which type of wood you are buying and fully study it before you start. Purchased wood as a rule, appears in three forms: S4S, S2S and rough. Raw wood is completely unfinished . Requires the greatest work before you start the project.

If you start from raw wood, you will probably need the services of milling and planing machines. Wood S4S already not surface on all four sides and usually does not require milling machines and planing machines, it seems that it’s too thick for the desired use or subjected to a terrible deformation during storage or transportation. Wood S2S has two sides trimmed and can often require the use of a tool to smooth the edges before you can associate them with other elements.

After receiving the wood, check the edges to see if they are uneven. You should also check out the surface for the entire length of the lumber. If the edges are uneven or if the surface has an unacceptable amount of roughness, to eliminate these problems it is necessary to apply the cutter. Then check the flatness of the tree. If the tree is in any way damaged or pinched, you should use the cutter before slicing.

If you are working on a project that takes too long or long pieces of wood, you may need to combine a tree from end to end. It is particularly useful can be the cutter. This will smooth out and flatten the edges that need to be combined to fit each other smoothly after the start of construction.

If the wood you are using has a perfectly flat and smooth on all the necessary pages, but thicker than ideal for this application, then it is time to extract planistę and begin to reduce the thickness of the Board. The machine also is a great tool if you have small items small surfaces or discrepancy. It can be used only to eliminate a small amount of wood, exposing the layer free from any problems with the surface.

Simple tips for effective use of the bracket
There are a few simple tips that will help You make full use of wood and the cutter. Always make sure you connect with the grain of the wood in the right direction . The grain must move to the side of the table in the output and to stay away from the rotating knives. If the grain moves in many directions, try to set them so that most of the grain acted correctly.

Before you start, make sure that the height of the table output is combined with knives. If it is too low, cutting will be more on the back end of the Board. If it is too high, it will end in a concave surface on the Board.

You should always start with calling the person first . After connecting the Fugue you can tie it a square edge. This gives a perfectly flat surface as a reference for later milling and wierconego Bank for copying.

The depth of the incisions must be sufficient to with each pass there was a noticeable difference, but not enough to weight of the engine. You will achieve the best results through multiple przejazdom than trying to cut everything in one fell swoop, which can lead to a thicker edge or surface that is not perfectly smooth.