Best Inversion Tables 2017

First and foremost, every great inversion table must be able to adapt depending on the person’s size and also needs to be able to set (and lock) for the specified angles. Tables can only sit upright or flip upside down. It restricts the table, because hanging at a certain angle may hold the key to treating certain problems with muscles. Adjusting the table to the words when performing exercises which can strengthen muscles the abdomen, lower back, obliques and torso.

Every best table of inversion must be well anchored. This may mean that there is a balanced framework that prohibits to turn the table, and this may indicate the purchase model, which should be bolted to the floor. The important thing is that each owner will rely on this equipment to maintain it during the overhang upside down. With this in mind, should use the table of inversion, in which the handrails with soft handle , unlike the holders 3 “. Rubber tires are an important part of the speed control which rotates the table.

Specialists can recommend the table inwersyjną with detailed boards for patients who are experiencing a very specific type of pain (e.g., sciatic Nerve, etc.). However, pretty much every Board inwersyjna high quality should probably contain enough Supplement . Available selected tables, which offer features such as thermotherapy, infrared or mode of vibration (to massage). These tables are costly and can require much maintenance, but ultimately, it’s up to the consumer, it is necessary to determine whether the potential benefits can justify the cost.

Inversion 101: a Handful of exercises for beginners
Most people associate the table of the inversion with some form of therapy for back pain that is accurate. It was shown that the simple act of lying on the table inwersyjnym provides significant relief for multiple groups of muscles around the spine. But in fact, pain relief is just the starting point. People can also use the inversion table for muscle-building , strengthening, thus, several areas that can strengthen the core.

Start with stretching . Every day, before sitting down on the table to invert, cross your legs and lean forward, letting your fingers hang freely. Hold for 10 seconds and then return to the standing position. Within a few days you will notice that your fingers start to hang lower. The ultimate goal is to touch your toes.

After installation on the table, hold hands, remaining in an upright position. Slowly bend the knees towards the waist. Save. Edition. Repeat. When you become more comfortable with this exercise, known as the “captain’s chair”, you can begin to increase the level of difficulty by adjusting the angle (or inversion) of the table.

If you want to work on upper body, turn table, and then try to raise arms forward, and the ultimate goal will be to complete a few reps, which reach their peak when sitting perpendicular to the waist (imagine a big L). It’s hard , so you should increase gradually, strengthening the obliques and lower back on the way.

When you really start to go, you can do the inverted sit-UPS. Bend your legs lying on the table upside down. Put your hands behind your head and push the torso to the knees. After the top of each repetition, slowly lean so as long as the back of the flat contact along the boards. You’ll know you are in great shape, if you can make something more than five of them.

A brief history of therapy inwersyjnej
Hippocrates, a Greek physician often called the Father of Medicine , began to use the therapy inwersyjną for setting bones and correction of spinal injuries already in 400 BC According to Hippocrates has developed a flat bench with the restrictions to bind the limbs of patients. When the patient was already closed, Hippocrates rozciągałby limitation using punches, thereby re-setting the bones, both dekompresując a few of the muscles in the back.

Oddly enough, the bench of Hippocrates, in the end, will give impetus to the medieval instruments of torture known as The Rack . Despite the torture, the bench of inversion remained popular as a form of treatment, until the middle ages when physicians began to replace directly the patient upside down from the wall.

Modern therapy inversion took a serious turn in the sixties, when California chiropractor Robert Martin introduced something that he called “the System of reference of gravity.” Recommendations gravity was a form of therapy inwersyjnej concentrated around futuristic look of the table and the accompanying shoes. Martin was a great pitchmanem, and several other companies began to imitate its products. Market inversion has not yet experienced any outstanding successes, while Richard Gere appeared in a pair of Gravity Boots during American film American Gigolo .

In the 90-ies. therapy inwersyjna was set on fire in the basis of the claim that hanging upside down can cause a serious threat to health, including blood clots, the risk of stroke. Supporters of the therapy inwersyjnej rejected the allegations as unfounded. Today the supporters of this organization have increased their activities in the us army , which uses therapy inwersyjną as an effective way to treat back pain.