Best Intercom Systems 2017

The two main properties, referring to the intercom, the sound and range . You want the delivery system intercom sounded sharply and clearly. You can also adjust the volume depending on whether you are in your office or in a noisy store. The range of internal communication needs to exceed the distance between the consoles. A wide range usually indicates less interference, which is also an important time of sale.

The next area you want to consider is the console. Some intercoms are equipped with a console table, ideal for home or office , while other models have a wall-mounted console that have more meaning for a cottage or apartment, in the apartment. If you buy the intercom specially in order to always remain in contact with such a man as the caretaker of the earth or foreman, be sure to buy a model that contains at least one walkie-talkie . Thus, you can keep connected with this event, regardless of whether it is close to the stationary console.

The more uprzyjemnisz to my taste, the more you may want to consider a digital intercom system, which you can combine with the security system , along with any other mobile devices or computers. In addition to traditional intercom features many digital models will allow you to connect with a network of contacts. Thus, you can send and reply to broadcast from a network with a single button on the phone.

The unique benefits of having an intercom
In an age of smartphones, it is fair to question why the intercom has remained so relevant. Part of the reason is that an intercom system delivers a message immediately, without any need for the recipient is a “pick up.” Beyond that, an intercom is designed for very brief, and perhaps even one-sided, exchanges. Dinner is ready. Someone is at the front door. There is a meeting in the conference room. These are all scenarios that do not lend themselves to a phone call, an email, or any type of instant messaging.

Intercoms are unique, because they are designed for a closed environment . Most intercoms is stationary. They are placed on the wall or on the table. Intercom helps two or more people to avoid shouting or running after two steps. Also provide the sense of security that allows homeowners to determine who is at the door, before someone misses. Digital devices are basically open systems, which provide communications over large distances. Imagine, if you want, the absurdity of the answer for a person who is 10 feet in the corridor.

In addition, the intercoms at the expense of the flat . After you purchase and install an intercom system only the cost of electrical energy, which is small. Mobile phones are a permanent expense, with possibility to set limits on minutes and SMS messages. Moreover, mobile phones and other digital devices should be replaced periodically . The intercom system can last several decades.

A brief history of internal communication
The term “intercom” is an abbreviation Interkomunikacyjnego phone systems – used office manufacturer Milo Kellogga in the patent application , which was filed in 1894. Up to this point, most communications between authorities was carried out in a method known as the speaking tube . In accordance with the title, these pipes are the expert between the separate offices, allowing one of them to be in direct contact with the other, his voice sounded like an echo coming from the adjacent wall.

After speaking tube was an electric Hummer. Intercom Kellogga replaced both of these devices, providing a breast, telephone communication, which brings people together without leaving your Desk.

The intercom system has become an integral part of corporate offices in the first quarter of the twentieth century. During the crisis, interkomy began to include fixed prefixes and disabled the phones. At the end of the SECOND world war e-the intercoms began to replace the standard ringtones to the door. In the late 50-ies. transistors have developed a more transparent broadcast and simplifies installation.

In the late eighties was built some interkomy with built-in cameras for video surveillance and security in the house. Today, digital intercom, you can synchronize with your personal smartphone or even tablet. Some wideodomofony can also be used for video conferencing.