Best Insulated Lunch Bags 2017

Rate in the school cafeteria is not the pinnacle of festive food. How sad the machine in the office. As an adult, the best thing you can do is go to the nearest enterprise fast food, although this journey is linked to its own inherent risk . The call of lunch to work or school in a separate bag for lunch provides many advantages over traditional cooking.

One of the most obvious benefits of packing a lunch is a relative value. When buying from each plant, food, cost of food reflects not only the cost of the food, but also the labor costs needed for food, tools used for cooking, as well as a very large increase to to repay the mortgage in the business and continue to profit. When packing lunch in insulated bag for lunch, the only cost is the lower of the brand found in grocery stores, and the time required for manufacturing.

Because time is always the most important, and many people who despise packing your own lunch indicates how long it takes the create your own meal. Although the reduction in the time for lunch may seem inconvenient, it pales in comparison to the time it takes to purchase food every day. Much time is wasted walking to the car, driving to and from the restaurant, waiting in line, ordering food, and then waiting for ugotowanie. Insulated bag for lunch, the only force on which you can perform to eat a delicious lunch, open purse.

One major advantage of the Packed lunch is the versatility of food options. At school or in the office may not be many options of food. If restaurants don’t have anything your appetite desires, the only option is to choose the least unpleasant option. When you create a lunch to bring to work or to school, the only limitation are the components in the house. Insulated lunch bags provide better protection of the food inside, helping to keep food cooled to the desired low temperatures.

How important is the lunch break?
In the Western world focused on fuel-driven employees who can do their job. You passionate workers often exceeds the former limits, and they work long hours to meet deadlines. One mistake that many career-oriented people may be more expensive from the other: besides the lunch break.

Only one in five employees, according to the daily lunch break. This means that 80 percent of the workers skips the meal periods to be more productive. The problem is that this seemingly helpful, actually kills performance . The act of receiving the small breaks during the day, such as lunch break, actually helps to restore the brain. Instead add to the body additional stimulants, such as caffeine, allows the body to relax and enjoy the break, you can increase performance without shocks and in the second half of the day of the accident.

The average lunch might not seem like meditation, but the benefits are very similar. During the meal, without outside distractions, such as mobile phones or TVs, the brain focuses on one thing: food. This simple practice of mindfulness can have a huge impact on the brain , for example, increased levels of alpha and theta waves, which promote relaxation and alertness.

What to pack in insulated bag for lunch
As the lunch break for the body not eating foods that provide optimal health. In particular, in the consumption of the brain is crucial for success . Giving your brain optimal sources of energy, simple and delicious, and can also lead to increased productivity and energy levels. The brain consists mainly of water, protein and fat. From this it follows that a healthy brain needs a high level of these three key components.

Proper water balance is the fundamental basis of health. Water is needed in almost every cellular function and helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body through urine. In the brain of the water works in a similar way. In addition to removal of toxins from the gray matter, water also provides cells with oxygen and buffers the brain from hitting the skull.

In a production environment or the school did not tax more than the brain. Zubo┼╝one energy levels, you can easily Supplement with healthy fats. Because of this, fat intake can be an important factor in diet food for healthy cognitive functions . The consumption of diet as unsaturated fats, such as fatty acids omega-3 and healthy saturated fats, such as triglycerides with medium chain length were effective in increasing the functions of the brain in several studies.

Room of the brain in a healthy protein may be the simplest of the three. Sources menus include lean meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and even many vegetables, making them easy to transform into any meal plan.