Best Infrared Heaters 2017

The use of traditional Central heating system can dramatically increase your electricity bills every month. Instead use this type of system for heating the air in the house, there is a more cost-effective alternatives to provide You comfort. Infrared heater can reach much the same goals as Central heating system, without costing an arm and a leg in the winter.

If you ever touched something that was warmed by sunlight , you could feel the heat of infrared radiation in at least some form. Solar rays from the sun contain a combination of electromagnetic waves, which include both images in infrared and ultraviolet as part of the electromagnetic spectrum . This type rays can travel through space and the atmosphere without having moving the air. When the sun’s rays reach the object, heat it from the inside without heating the air around it. Infrared heater works on the same principle, directly by heating objects in the room without using the air around them.

Infrared heaters sorted by type, published not wavelengths . Although there are several different types of infrared emitters, most of the national units working in the infrared spectrum (also known as long-wave infrared radiation ) because of the high water content and an equally high rate of absorption for human skin, as animals. Far infrared has become prevalent in the saunas and infrared is synonymous with comfort heating , because radiators of this type operate at low temperatures, compared to other wavelengths. Also use ceramics with a low power density of emitters, which generate infrared radiation with a wavelength, making them perfect for use with ogrzewaczami premises in separate quarters.

While most consumer devices powered by electricity, some heaters can be supplied with natural gas or propane for industrial purposes. Some radiators direct light radiation as the source of heat directly into the room to affect the object to which you have contact. Other heaters have several parts that interact with each other to create a source of heat, including infrared lamp , a heat exchanger (e.g., a highly conductive metal, such as copper) and an integrated fan for blowing air to the heat exchanger, which ultimately creates a source of heat.

In addition to their energy efficiency infrared offer additional health benefits for domestic consumers. Many of them are internal filters that help remove dust, allergens, mold and other harmful particles from the air, which gives the premises a fresh and pleasant aroma, and at the same time strengthening the immune system . Because these heatsinks are not really moving the ambient air in the same way as do traditional heating system convection in the room circulates less harmful particles.

This does not mean that convection heating systems or fireplaces is always bad, but it is necessary to remember the distinction when we are considering the option of heating on a smaller scale for a separate room, unlike the rest of the house. You can also be assured that their infrared heater reduces the production of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide . Finally, the infrared heater is very portable , which means you can carry it to different rooms if the available electrical outlet.

To do more than just warm
The cool thing about the infrared heaters is that they are able to do more than just space heating. Because many of them were designed for use in single rooms, they are equipped with additional facilities, making spending time in the room enjoyable. For example, if you buy an infrared heater in the living room, often you can find with built-in radio and speakers, equipped with auxiliary cables that make that is compatible with the iphone ® or MP3 player.

You must be sure that the selected heater has easy to read thermostat display with accessible buttons to control the temperature.

Because many of these units built with the idea of mobility, the selected unit of measure should be durable with strong wheels, wheel base, in order to quickly move it in different rooms, on hard floors and wykładzinach.

If we are talking about style, it really comes down to personal preference. Many infrared emitters, available in various colors, motifs and finishing of wood (such as Oak and walnut) so you’ll have plenty of variations in the design space. If you liked this theme a fireplace , some infrared heaters are even designed to resemble realistic effects with flame effect, which you can view with heat or without.

Finally, if the room is a bit more to find a radiator with a handy remote control allows you to configure device settings without having to go to him every time.

A brief history of infrared heaters
The concept of using the heat of infrared radiation for healing the spiritual, mental and physical, has existed for centuries, because the body naturally produces is the source of heat. For example, heating the palm was used as an element of ancient Chinese medicine over three thousand years ago.

German-British astronomer Sir William Herschel is considered the practical discovery of infrared radiation in 1800, through the development of a spectrometer to measure the magnitude of radiation energy with different wavelengths. The spectrometer consisted of three parts, including stacks, designed to absorb sunlight and distribute it in different colors on the table, a single piece of cardboard with a slit wide enough so he could go through it one color and three thermometers of the gas-discharge lamps . Herschel found that red light has the greatest degree of temperature change in a spectrum of colors.

Practical application of infrared heat did not become widespread until the SECOND world war, when it was used for drying the paint and heating the metals factory. With the development of more energy efficient technology in the late XX and early XXI century, additional effort was focused on infrared technology, which produces lower levels of heat than his old, close infrared counterparts.