Best Infrared Grills 2017

The infrared grill has become a household term and has changed the world of grilling, but few have heard of its inventor, bill Best. Is President and Chairman of the Thermal Engineering Corporation in Columbia, South Carolina. The first time came up with the idea of a barbecue on the infrared port when he worked on his dissertation at the University of South Carolina. Later that night, developed a device for keeping the flame in missile guidance systems when he noticed that ceramic tiles ” will glow red and radiate a high level of thermal radiation, also called infrared radiation.

This gave him the idea of developing ceramic infrared burner, which was patented in 1961. Originally introduced to market as a commercial burner for use in production of radial tires and systems for paint curing. Only in the early 80-ies. Bill turned to his mini-kitchen, one of his ceramic infrared burners.

Or is it from boredom, or from genius, one night he decided to take a little rubbish from your factory, and one of the ceramic burner to build a barbecue. Took them home to cook and found that not only cook food faster , but have not dried up food just like a traditional grill. It was the beginning of TEC Infrared Barbecue grills.

His first grills used a 50/50 combination of infrared energy and hot air. This was due to the fact that while ceramic burners have many advantages, have one major drawback; the heat was not very greatly reduced. In the applications that had low heat, ceramic burner can burn food. A combination of both methods of cooking in the grill allowed the user to cook at different temperatures at the same time, relying on the advantages of cooking in the IR.

Bill is the inventor of life, more than 60 patents to his name. Currently, nearly 80 years old and still regularly works 50 or more hours a week and often comes to work in the middle of the night to continue working on new ideas. May look like a regular guy from South Carolina who loves grilling steaks, listening to music, but, unlike the average guy, his favorite book is “Mathematics for scientists and engineers”.

How the infrared grill
Red patrols in IR port, emitting infrared heat to food. Waves of infrared radiation are electromagnetic waves that are between microwaves and visible light waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Different types of waves infrared radiation are divided into categories depending on their frequency; near, middle or far.

Close waves, radiation generated at the push of a button on the TV remote. Not create a noticeable amount of heat and are not suitable for cooking. Wave far infrared rays generate a considerable amount of heat, which makes them ideal for cooking.

Grills charcoal and gas can only reach about 700 ° F, while infrared grills at an average of about 900 ° F and may reach 1600 ° F. Charcoal and gas grills also cook mostly by convection , that is, the movement of hot air. The fire in the grill, the coal and gas is burned, this leads to the fact that the air is heated and rises, constantly circulates after meals. This constant flow of air leads to drying of the food on the grill.

Grills use infrared heat, heating up the solid surface for cooking. This heat is radiated in the form of far infrared waves. The heating element also heats the air as well as gas grills and charcoal, but circulates less air, and thus food can preserve more of its natural moisture. Higher temperatures of the lattice on the infrared port provide fast cooking with less time spent on the circulation of air.

Recommendations for the use of an infrared grill
As in the case with a traditional BBQ, red grill infrared must be heated before cooking. This allows for the heating of the lattice, its sterilization and the expansion of the metal is sufficient, the pores closed, reducing the risk of sticking of the food. In contrast to the grates of the gas, that require preheating for about 10 minutes, and barbecue charcoal, which often need twenty minutes or more, grills, infrared pre-heating and everything ready for cooking in five minutes or less .

Time cooking protein and vegetables should be cut on the grill, the infrared port or the power is rozgotowana. As mentioned earlier, the infrared grill cook at temperatures much higher than traditional grills. To cook on the grill, the infrared port takes about half the time the grills are gas and coal. For example, the breast can be fully on a slow fire for about 10 minutes.

Not yet familiar shortening the cooking time, grill infrared, it is best to keep a thermometer with BBQ facilities immediately, to ensure the desired temperature inside the food .

You should also decrease the value of temperature, which is usually prepared on the grill, the infrared port 30%. Therefore, if you normally cook steak at a high level, start by setting up your grill for a medium or average level. It is easy to increase the heat without food than to reduce them.