Best Hexacopters 2017

Although it may look alien to many drone operators, heksakopter has a lot to do with the project quadkoptera on which it is based.

The project quadkoptera dates back to 1907, when French aircraft designer Louis Breguet invented the helicopter with four rotors, capable of lifting several feet above the ground. The project Bregueta was the first aircraft with rotating wings, which achieved this goal.

Some novice aircraft designers increased system wielowirnikowy as a great alternative to the dominant design of fixed-wing, but their trust was not awarded a test in which wielowirniki proved to be unstable and difficult to pilot.

For decades wielozwojowa design remained in sleep mode until then, until the end of 2000 there was an inexpensive and easy flight controllers, GPS devices, cameras and accelerometers, which have become a practical extension of the file used by manufacturers of consumer drones.

While the design wielorurowa was nieużyteczna most of the twentieth century, the concept of unmanned flight was not, and the us army began researching the military use shortly after the first world war.

Called drones because of the buzzing sound released the first unmanned military aircraft, drones are today’s consumers often battery powered. Battery power is not supported for use on large aircraft, but in the case heksadopera perfect .

The market for multi-core consumer drone exploded in mid-2010 and found a variety of potential applications of drones. Photos, movies instead of costly helicopters was used focusing around photography drones . Sześciokoptery are preferred in relation to quadopterów in some applications, the video and photos because of their excellent stability and power .

Hexakoptery capable of transmitting large batteries and more equipment than their counterparts quadkoptera. They are also capable of a controlled landing even in case of failure of one engine – a valuable feature when on Board is expensive equipment, cameras.

Cameras are also used for tracking purposes using drones with automatic promotion .

Principles governing flight Hexacoptera
Rules and regulations governing the use of quadopters also apply to their brothers hexacopter.

The most important of these regulations is the FAA ban on flying over other people without permission. In addition to reporting, privacy issues, flying drones over populated areas can be dangerous. If the drone suffers a malfunction of the engine may fall off mid-flight. Because heksomery can perform a controlled landing off one of the engines, they are generally considered to be more safe flying over people and events. Although a large area is not suitable for all applications, a number of commercial operators prefer sześcioboki.

Even when using heksakoptera, you must apply for exemption from the FAA before przelatujesz over people. If you plan to fly over people, often, you may want to consider investing in a drone with the guards of the rotor. The FAA reports that covers the rotor greatly reduce the risks associated with flying over people. These covers can greatly increase the weight, especially in heksakopterach that have two additional wheels to protect.

Until may 2017. The FAA requires pilots to register their drones by the government. However, the court in Washington held that this requirement violates the law. Today, the only commercial drone operators must register their aircraft.

The FAA maintains a list of rules of safe exploitation of drones. The administration recommends to not fly higher than 400 feet above the ground and keep the drone to avoid loss of signal and control the flight path. Most consumer drones offers programs automatic release, which are triggered in case of signal loss, but still unwise pushes heksakoptera to the maximum distance, in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer.

FAA warns also before you fly near airports, manned aircraft, and employees of the emergency services. Once commercial drones was discovered by firefighters outside the South fire in California in 2015., The government was twice forced to suspend its operations as a safety precaution. While drones may seem harmless, next to power large, low flying, tank fire and helicopters, a collision can cause significant damage , according to the US Forest Service .

The basic technology of Drone
The first unmanned aerial vehicle did not resemble today’s advanced heksów and military drones. Actually this is an early Austrian military art was basically just a balloon filled with explosives.

Today’s military UAVs cost millions to produce and features a powerful on-Board computers and satellite control systems that allow pilots to remote piloting them from virtually anywhere in the world.

Although they may look very different, modern drones, and heksomery consumers have a lot in common with these futuristic war machines, including GPS navigation, streaming of video in real-time and accurate test.

The term “drone” is generally applicable to all unmanned military, consumer and commercial aircraft, whereas the UAV applies only to commercial vehicles, and the military, typically used by enterprises and governments. Hexacopter refers specifically to drones, which have six rotors.

Military UAVs are guided by satellite data access, with the exception of rise, where preference is given to reliability and low latency radio. Consumer drones are typically controlled by radio or, in some cases, programmed based on GPS.

Most consumer drones is in the configuration quadkoptera. Hexakoptery similar to quadcopterów, but use six engines for the drive, not four. These additional engines provide the stability and reliability of the aircraft but also greatly increase their size.

By definition heksakopy wiropłatami rather than stałopłatowymi aircraft, like most aircraft. Operators heksadopów keep control by changing the speed of each rotor. While the helicopters control by changing the angle of the blades.

The Northrop Grumman Global Hawk is widely regarded as the most powerful drone. Movable jet engine Rolls-Royce, the global hawk can reach to the outer boundary of the earth’s atmosphere, where there is surveillance for the air force even for 30 hours . Global Hawk is also used in the planetary research NASA .