Best Heated Socks 2017

Maintaining the feet warm is not only what makes the winter more comfortable. The temperature of your feet actually plays a big role in your health, particularly your immune system . Not only studies have shown that having cold feet can lower the number of white blood cells, but also argues that keeping the feet warm [can avoid complications in some diseases the blood . Other studies have even shown that people are more prone to getting the flu, if their feet are cold a flu season.

Although, often, we do not look not from above, but the legs are very powerful. These limbs are certain types of blood vessels, which can open and quickly moving a large amount of blood. This is important when your body is cold, because if your feet are warm, can quickly transfer its temperature during the rest of the system. Look at them as a lovely little thermal relay : it is only necessary to ensure they are warm, and when the rest of your body needs, delivered.

You must also keep in mind that your feet, like hands, have very little muscle. Muscles produce heat and without leaving your limbs sensitive to cold climates. Because good socks and gloves are important in cold climates. Thus, while the legs can transfer heat throughout the body, can also become colder faster than any part of the body. As can be seen, the content of these extremities warm will affect the overall comfort and health on two fronts. When your feet are too cold, also cause the pain receptors in your body. If you ever noticed your feet get sore when it’s cold, that’s why.

What to look for in your socks heated
If you want to match your socks to gloves , there are many different materials and colors to choose from. Because they are designed for the purpose ocieplających, you can also look for those made from natural warm fabrics such as wool and acrylic . Don’t feel like he was closed in one temperature. Some socks have a variety of temperature settings and even a remote control for adjustment. For Your safety, some socks have an automatic shutdown at a specific time. If you prefer people to not know what you have on warm socks, there are many options with discrete sets of batteries. But if someone is teasing you, you can tell them that they are not because warm socks good for your health and can even improve your mood .

Heated socks should not be heavy. Some of them are very light, but still effective, making them a good solution for people who have to wear heavy shoes like shoes for Hiking . Speaking about the activity in the fresh air if you are going to wear your socks in the rain or snow, make sure they are safe to get wet and that dry quickly . Wet feet can be just as problematic as cold feet, increasing the risk of several infections. Don’t forget that you are sweating, even when you’re cold, so finding hot socks that breathe well. Want your legs was tasty and not marsh.

If you are particularly active, look for socks with reinforced heels and toes to withstand any flow, through which they miss. If you like heat and technology, you can enjoy a pair of heated socks that can be linked to a phone via Bluetooth that allows you to check battery power and to control temperature. If you plan to spend a long time in the cold, a good idea can be the choice of a model with long battery life. Some may remain active for more than 12 hours.

Different types of clothes in it
Traditional warm clothes only keep heat user, removing the previously existing heat. But if the user stops moving, and thus ceases to generate its own heat, the clothes can no longer keep warm. Heated clothing works to solve this problem using three different methods, each of which allows you to keep warm clothes, even when the user is not active: batteries, gels and chemicals. Powered by batteries (also called electric) heated clothing exactly what they sound like. They use a battery, often a block to power small heating elements located strategically throughout the garment. Many models are powered is adjustable, which can be a nice accent. This allows you to gently warm, if not too cold, and then to pump the heat when you really need it.

Heating of the gel clothes, use a small packing gel that needs to be heated externally in some methods, often in a microwave oven. Just before using this type of clothing podgrzewasz packaging with gel and throw them in the designated pocket. The strength of a plate of this type garmetów varies depending on the thickness of the purse and weather conditions, but on average, tend to maintain warmth for approximately half an hour. This means that not enough of them for the whole day on the slopes, but are a good choice for a fast walk or when just waiting on the operation of the thermostat.

Chemically heated clothing, rely on a small package containing a chemical substance capable of generating heat. The package is somewhere in the middle of the clothes. Typical components include activated carbon, cellulose, salt, iron, water and vermiculite. These substances react with air, so that produces heat. It’s called often disposable podgrzewaczami for hands , but they can be put in boots, sweaters and others. The exact Laundry bag that you use will determine how high the temperature can get clothes and how long has she been in heat. Some of them can reach temperatures of up to 107 degrees.