Best Hdmi Switches 2017

Multimedia interface High-Definition, better known as HDMI is audio and video interface, which allows the transfer of extremely high quality uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from one source compatible with HDMI to a monitor of some type. The HDMI source can be a Blu-ray player, computer and even smartphone. The screen can be everything from television and computer monitor, and even a video projector. If you send only audio data, this can be any audio device that is compatible with HDMI. Today, HDMI is the replacement for analog video standards yesterday, used cables and connectors VGA , composite video or RCA .

Unlike other technologies, HDMI has multiple founders, because it was developed almost simultaneously, Thompson, Panasonic, Silicon Image, Sony, Hitachi, RCA, Philips and Toshiba. Technically, each company has developed its own version of the technology of HDMI, but they all in principle work the same, and they work with the same types of cables and connectors.

The initial development of HDMI technology began on 16 April 2002, And the first Authorized Testing Center (ATC) opened in California on 23 June 2003. Using Silicon Image. The goal was to create a connector audio and video (AV), which can be compatible with DVI interface for viewing videos created by the working group on the issues of the View digital. The reason she had to be back-compatible with DVI was that at that time it was the main technology used for connecting your HD TV.

From the initial moment of creation released several updated versions of HDMI. Some of these later versions were developed with the aim of improving specifications, colors, resolution, container, audio and video and overall performance. Other updated versions have focused on adding additional features such as 3D support, consumer electronics control (CEC) and data transfer Ethernet .

HDMI switches against dissenters HDMI
Among the average user confusion reigns because of the differences between a HDMI switch and HDMI splitter. Many people mistakenly believe that these two things are one and the same, but it’s not. The HDMI switch is the best choice, if you have multiple HDMI sources you want to connect to a single display device.

Many TVs have only one or two HDMI ports, but most home entertainment centers has more than one or two source devices to HDMI. Currently, the average home can have a computer, post TV, a DVD player and a game system that require a connection. HDMI switcher eliminates the need for constant stretching outside entertainment center, to connect and disconnect the device.

HDMI distribution best suited for applications where you have one HDMI source that you want to display on two or more monitors. While it’s true that HDMI splitter can operate in both directions and has a function to turn one HDMI port, multiple ports, this can be a little confusing when trying to support it that way.

If you decide to use as a HDMI switch HDMI splitter, it is important that you have only one peripheral device is included in the moment. If you forgot to turn off one device before turning on the other device, the signal will be mixed, and the data cannot be transferred correctly. The HDMI switch allows the simultaneous operation of all devices without worrying about the overlap of the transmission.

How to choose the right HDMI switch
The choice of a suitable HDMI switch for Your needs is relatively easy and you don’t need to know much about technology to do it. Here are some simple tips that will help You to choose the best switch for your entertainment center. First you will want to think about how many devices you plan to connect to the switch.

When you already know how many devices you will use, you know how many ports you need to have the HDMI switch. Not a bad idea buying a switch equipped with one or two additional ports than you plan to use. Thus, if rozbudujesz entertainment center in the future more devices, or if a friend will bring the laptop or the system for gaming, don’t have to disable one of the devices.

One more note about the functions that you want. Some HDMI switches come with remote control, while others require you to transition and pressing the button to switch between devices. If you don’t think you want to leave the sofa to switch from one device to another, use a model equipped with a remote control. You should also consider the types of data you want to load. If you have a 3D TV , make sure that the HDMI switch is compatible with 3D.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the price and quality of the equipment. Don’t want to pay more than you need, but you also don’t want to end up with low quality switch, which can lead to deterioration in the quality of image and sound.