Best Hard Hats 2017

Imagine yourself walking down the street, between two skyscrapers in the vicinity. You look up, you’re amazed at how high he every building. When you look straight up, you experience unpleasant feeling in my stomach, imagining what might happen if something fell from above? You may have noticed also and team building on the scaffold, working on one of the floors of these buildings or on the ground floor near the Foundation. Imagine that you are one of those employees and imagine what would have happened if you weren’t protected from falling objects or sparks from tools used to perform work on the design of the building.

Without something that protects your head, you’re in a constant panic about what might happen when your concentration strays. Just like common sense tells you never to reach for a hot stove without a pair of protective gloves, you should never operate heavy machinery or work on a construction site without prior protection of the head. You need to have the confidence and protection from permanent disk hat to provide You safety during work in potentially dangerous conditions like these.

Helmet is specially designed helmet (made of fibreglass or thermoplastic), which is designed for use in industrial environments . Helmet protects against blows to the head, shock, falling objects, debris, rain, and even electric shock. Most hard hats have the inner rims, the suspension, which helps evenly distribute the weight and force of impact in case such a possibility. The suspension system provides additional space between the cork hats and a human head. If something strikes the shell of the hat, the force of this blow will be absorbed through the shell, not through the skull of the person wearing.

Hard hats often come with various accessories. For example, the protective visor is useful in various of welding to protect the face of the user. Some discs hats have an extra lip in the front or wide brim for extra shade during hot and Sunny days. If you are around construction sites a lot of garbage, noise-canceling headphones can be embedded into the wheel caps. Assuming that you are responsible for work underground in the metro system , it would be good to fix headlight for your disk hat. Hard hats may also contain the insulated side facing in situations where you can find work outdoors in extreme cold.

Depending on the type of work and organizations, discs, hats are also marked in different colors to represent different functions or jobs. For example, white hard cover can identify the Manager or the construction Manager, while blue can mean worker electric.

A brief history of challenging hats
The original concept of the disc hat is originally from California manufacturing company of mining equipment known as the ED Bullard Company , founded by Edward Dickinsona Bullarda in 1898. Previously, the company sold Bullarda protective caps made of leather. However, this idea was developed after the return of the son Bullarda from the first world war and a protective steel helmet.

In 1919 Bullard patented what he called “Hard-Boiled Hat” , built from a steam canvas, glue and black paint. The Commission from the us Navy allowed Bullardowi to create a protective czapu for dockyard workers. This hat contributed to the General use of the disc hats. Blood has further developed his original invention by adding an internal suspension system to make the hat.

In 1938, Bullard created the first aluminum hard hat, installing of aluminium at the time because of its strength and lightness.

The first high-temperature resistant, the hat was made of fiberglass and has appeared in the forties. In 50-ies. thermoplastics replaced fiberglass as the standard for construction hard hats because they were easy to creation and cheaper than their predecessors of glass.

In 1997, the American national Standards Institute has confirmed the application of ventilated disc caps that would allow the heads of the working keep cool during challenging tasks. On the market hard hats, apparently, we are talking about the accessories , which include, in particular, include face protection, radios, lights, cameras and sun visors.

To find the most suitable
No need to add that the suspension and durability are the best kaskami. To ensure the proper protection while working in industrial plants is the most important thing. Because of this, you should take into account the environment in which they will work. Modern suspension system will provide better protection from the effects of the blow. Covering disc hat will be sturdy enough to withstand the impact without impact to the skull .

Secondly, the helmet should not be noticeable. In other words, needs to be lightweight and comfortable so you can focus on the job at hand, instead of trying to match the hat or to complain about how hard it is to feel the head. For the same reason, finding hats with a good ventilation system will provide You with comfort, especially when the weather warms up, and you work outdoors.

Consider what accessories you need. This will depend on your professional situation, but if you do a lot of work underground, of course, will not prevent the helmet from accessory for headlights. If you are going to weld and handle heavy machines, it’s a helmet with a protective cover on the face, this is definitely Your future.