Best Handheld Massagers 2017

Everyone knows that massage is the perfect solution for tight, tense muscles after a busy day at work or after waking him in the backyard. If you find a chiropractor in pain in the lower back , often, Your treatment plan will include some form of therapy massage.

But the benefits of massage extend beyond soothing used or broken muscles. Regular massage can be a vital part of maintaining overall health.

Good sleep is as important for your overall health as nutrition and exercise. A relaxing massage calls for a more restful sleep . It is a complete weakness may help insomniacs and others who have trouble getting rest because of medical conditions, such as anxiety, fibromyalgia and depression.

The combination of massage and point therapy becomes a common method of treatment to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

Scientists have found that just one massage gives tangible changes in the immune systems of healthy adults by increasing the number of white blood cells that plays an important role in protecting the body from disease . In the same study it was also found the decrease of cortisol induced by stress.

Regular massage can make your skin will look younger. Before you spend money on expensive creams and serums to see what I can do face massage to improve the complexion. Massage has a stimulating effect on blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which allows toxins, and introduce nutrients.

The next time you are looking for excuses to get a massage, you no longer have to wait for a prescription or a gift certificate to a luxurious Spa. Just tell me what you do for your health.

The selection of the correct manual massage
The truth is, there is no substitute for spending a relaxing full body massage in a relaxed atmosphere. However, few of us have the time or money to visit the kręgarzu or on a regular trip to a luxury Spa. High quality hand massager can be the next best thing.

These portable massagers deliver soothing relief using either vibrations or penetrating percussion. Percussion massagers are designed to mimic the experience of a Shiatsu massage. These units are most effective for those who want to treat sore muscles and back pain; however, some will find the pounding movement painful, especially on the highest setting. If you’re just looking for a way to relax before going to bed, a simple massager with multiple vibration settings and a heat option is ideal.

The most important factor when choosing a massage therapist, what part of the body you intend to use it. In the case of a back massage, ensure that the device long enough to get access to the entire back, so you there are no unpleasant places out of reach. If you want to focus only on the neck and shoulders, you can choose a smaller, lighter option.

In the case of complete covering of the body or the user experience you can find massagers that come with interchangeable massage nodes in a variety of sizes or with a few other supplements.

No matter what model you choose, contact your doctor to make sure that you do not have any fundamental health problems that are a contraindication to use of massage. You should also carefully follow the instructions below to ensure that you do not use the device in one place longer than recommended.

A brief history of massage
The practice of massage can be traced back thousands of years in ancient Chinese texts and images from the Egyptian tombs .

The original Chinese text “Classic Book of Internal Medicine Yellow Emperor” was written by the famous Chinese Emperor Huangdi around the year 2600 BC. This venerable text has become the basis of Western therapy, massage and other alternative medical courses, when I first published it in English in 1949.

Occupation of modern masseuses in America has its roots in the eighteenth century. In colonial times they were called rubber. Assisted the doctors in treating orthopaedic problems and rehabilitation of patients after operations with manual abrasion / wear and friction. At that time, rubbers were niewykształcone and unlicensed, but a good earned work with physicians or as an entrepreneur before the introduction of the licensing rights, medical and more formal educational requirements in the early XX century.

In the early nineteenth century, the Swedish physician and gymnastics Per Henril Ling developed the “Swedish Movement System”, which laid the Foundation for the style of Swedish massage, which is widely used today.

The other most common form of massage practiced in the present time in America is a Japanese method of Shiatsu. This current practice has evolved as a combination of Amny Japanese practices and Chinese acupuncture . In 1964, the Japanese government officially recognized Shiatsu massage in the form of medical therapy.