Best Hair Straightener Brushes 2017

When someone said, straighten your hair, you will need two tools; flat iron and hair brush. Although this is still a real possibility, prostująca hair brush combines two tools in one grip of the hair while removing plexus.There are two main types of brushes for straightening. The first is called a hot brush. This variety is safe to use on wet hair, as it sends less heat and has a swivel mechanism so that the heat is never used for too long on any piece of hair. Using low heat on wet hair is important because threads are weak when they are wet. Modern models can straighten hair which has been dried and apply a constant heat.

Brush for straightening hair carefully separated from the heating element, unlike flat irons that pressed him hard. Because of this straightening brush may be better for damaged hair . Another unique element of the brush prostującego is something that radiates heat and reduces the ions at the same time, which passes through the teeth. It makes his tangled hair easier to cut because the strands do not stick to each other and link is partially broken.

Most women who have used flat irons burned, at least mildly. Straightening brushes have heat-safe rubber end caps on the ends of the teeth of a comb and leave almost no part of the heating element is fully open. Due to the fact that safe and reduce the risk of burns.

Features Brush Prostującej Quality
One study evaluated the beauty habits of 2,000 men and found that the average woman spends ten days of her life in the production of hair. Brush prostująca can we hope to reduce this figure. To get quick results, look at the brush for straightening that can be set at a high temperature.

Also, make sure that has the function of automatic shutdown, because you don’t want to accidentally leave hot device in the house, creating the risk of burns or even cause a fire. Burn-contact devices these Curling irons are made, can be severe enough to send a man to the hospital. Straightening brush that heats up quickly, which reduces the chances to leave him unattended.

If you don’t have someone who will help you straighten the hair back, you will have to reach around and over the head. Straightening brush with a rotating wire, this will make it easy to run, without the risk of pulling the rope from the wall. Drop the bridge at the time of power-on can also be dangerous, so you should look for a rubber, non-slip rubber. Many models even provides protection against short-circuit.

Women with curly hair need to consider the rectifier is supplied negative ions. They help in the creation of additional lanes made. If you want to integrate a brush for rectifying the a day spa at home, look for it, which has the value of massage in the head. Many of them also has an LCD screen that displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The science behind the changing shape of the hair
To understand how hair is straight, curly, or changed in any way, you need to understand the structure of the hair. Hair consists of protein called keratin . Keratin consists of amino acids containing sulfur, and the atoms form a bond dwusiarczkowe. These mates are a strong hair; it is very difficult to break the lock of hair without scissors.

Even the tearing in half with your hands, has a huge force against the small diameter of the hair. Pairing dwusiarczkowe they protect the hair from falling out from the head as they pass through the wind and the hair is subjected to different stress. Bonds are what makes hair curly, wavy or just because doing that keratin molecules remain in place.

The device, which is designed to change the shape of hair, such as Curling tongs, brushes, straighteners and irons are working through breaking ties dwusiarczkowych through the use of heat. When crack pairing dwusiarczkowe, the keratin molecules can slightly move. This movement appears to the human eye, as a new form of hair, it is a simple, curly, or something else.

Pairing disiarczkowe can’t stay broken forever. After cooling the hair bonds themselves reformed. But now form and hold molecules of keratin in the place in another form. Water may again break these ties, so a rainy day can ruin a Perm, or make straight hair to be curly again.