Best Golf Travel Bags 2017

The more golf, the more I realize the importance of having a reliable bag for their clubs. While beginners can find joy from click links while on vacation, many avid golfers that makes it a point to compete in several tournaments a year. Anyway, in line with a bag becomes a necessity.

If you constantly travel by plane, you should keep heavy transport box for their clubs. Most of these hard shells made of a hermetically closed polyethylene or ABS plastic , each of which can absorb the weight, throw on your truck or baggage carousel at the airport. The post hard shell travel they are typically designed with wheels, which is necessary because these cases generally weigh 14 to 20 pounds without adding a large number of sticks.

Travel bags made from polyester, nylon or other durable material, as a rule, have a lot less than 10 pounds, making them easier to transport on the shoulder. Cloth bags are also more flexible than their counterparts in rigid sheath, and is designed with a number of compartments, which is perfect for access to small items in the road. However, it should be noted that each bag of fabrics can give a potential consumer, especially if the material had not been reinforced along the bottom.

If you need a Golf bag is to make a list of all the things you want to place in this bag, including t-shirts, balls and other handy accessories . When you do this, you can determine whether the model has enough room or compartments on the basis of comparison, where each of these elements is supposed to be.

A few tips on shooting sets of Golf clubs on the way
Your Golf clubs is your children. With this in mind, you want to treat these clubs with extreme caution during travel. If you are traveling by car, you can fix a Golf bag in the back seat using seat belts or roof by rope or cords. Instead of these options, you want to put the bag in the trunk, but only after loading the first Luggage. Priorities, thus, minimizes any risk of your clubs getting damaged . Bent Golf bag the blanket can additionally protect batons before a sudden meeting every time you hit the disk or are you using the inequality.

If your Golf bag has wheels, you can rely on these wheels within the transport this bag through the airport or hotel . The use of a seat belt load shoulder, and the strap can also make your stick will hit you, if this bag get into the zone.

If you check your Golf bag as Luggage with the airline, remember the placement of the stickers “Handle With Care” along the lateral side of the bag (stickers can be bought in any stationery shop). You want employees involved in baggage handling of the airline retained extreme caution , regardless of the reputation of the airline. The same applies to insert sticks in the cargo hold of a bus or train.

The lion’s share of public transport companies will argue that no obligation of compensation for items that they deem “improperly Packed or which may be damaged due to “daily consumption”. There are several ways to work around this problem , but it doesn’t change the fact that you will not be able to use the Golf bag, and perhaps even of Golf clubs – the rest of the time, wherever you are. House.

A brief history of Golf
The modern game of Golf appeared in the XV century in Scotland, where at that time was banned by James II, who believed the game with obstacle for the Scots, who needs to archery, it was believed that a more conventional sports . Oddly enough, this ban was lifted in 1502 by James IV, a direct descendant of James II, which he began to play Golf.

In the XVI century Archbishop Hamilton of Scotland gave permission for green water for Saint. Andrews, which needs to be converted to Golf course. It became a symbol of universal approval for a Golf course, and then led to the fact that St. Andrews is seen as sacred ground for golfers in Europe.

Before 1700, most Golf games played adjacent to informal rules. These principles have become standardized, but in the first game he authority of the organization known as also known as Company of Edinburgh Players. In 1764, the ruling body had begun to recognize a full round of Golf at 18 holes (in contrast to the previous 16-22).

The first competition of the Golf “Open Championship” took place in Ayrshire in Scotland in 1860. This is a very competitive tournament was so successful that Golf has gradually reached the Atlantic ocean. The first American clubs started in new York in the late nineteenth century. These “clubs” usually consisted of 18-hole Golf course that was connected with elegant meeting room, reserved for the elite of society.

In the twenties of the XX century experienced players and their assistants began to use bags in order to get the whole Arsenal of clubs. Drive truck was added to the mixture a few decades later, so that even the most informal golfistom you can enjoy an entire day on the links.

It is estimated that currently 25 million people playing Golf worldwide, and more than 23,000 of them continues as an annual pilgrimage to Holy. Andrew’s 500 – year-old Golf club, which currently has seven full-sized greens.