Best Golf Coolers 2017

While at the beginning of the game of Golf you may not know what to do pairs, you can be sure that you want a little chilled drink at some point during the day.

The first thing to consider when choosing a radiator for Golf, as you and your fellow golfers przemierzacie rate; need to know if you’re going from hole to hole, whether you are driving a Golf cart. If you’ll be up and about, and my CADDIE, no less – then the radiator may not be the right choice because its capacity can mean too large a value for practicality.

This problem can be corrected with the help of ergonomically designed radiators that can be worn in hands or on the back, but the radiator that attach to the Golf bag probably will increase the weight of the game, in which you pass on the links.

If you are traveling from tee to tee on the cart, the weight is not a problem. Refrigerator Golf course that can be collapsed for easy storage, but when open accommodates a complete set of 12 cans cans (beer or soft drinks, your choice) or up to nine standard bottles of wine. This type of refrigerators may not be comfortable to wear after filling drinks or food), but in the back of the stroller.

Another way of uniform distribution of goods … Golf equipment and air cooling of drinks to choose refrigerators with extra pockets for bullets, tees, indicators, etc., or choose a Golf bag with a dedicated pocket in the radiator . Both options have their drawbacks: the first one offers less space, for the supply of Golf than real Golf bag, and the second means the additional weight added to the bags. But a small sacrifice associated with the choice of bags, which serves two purposes, it means less weight, than when using two separate storage systems.

The Surreptitious Golf Cooler
Most Golf courses have rules prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages, while players do not have access to the links. However, most courses have informal policies not to use in any way the official policies of the alcohol. If you play on the road, which in fact controls not allowed drinks, or if you just want to be very thin in the bus during the course , available for refrigerators for Golf that can help you in concealing your actions.

The easiest way thin transporting beverages on Golf course is the use of Golf bags with a built-in compartment for cooling. These bags look to all intents and purposes, such as regular Golf bags, and their pockets are usually insulated and have a convenient hole for draining liquid. The pocket of the radiator may be conveniently used for other tools when not filled with drinks and ice.

You can also choose the design of the radiator that it is attached to your Golf bag and looks just like a normal Golf bag. But there are more subtle, sneaky approach that should be taken into consideration: there are radiators, which consist of long, thin beverage containers and the tap in the shape of Golf clubs, which can be inserted into the Golf bag, to get the most tricky samoobsÅ‚ugÄ™ . (Note that these “sticks” should be filled with drink beforehand, which means a potential loss of carbonation and sticky cleansing with nothing but water.)

Opleciona the history of Golf and drink
The first “modern” game of Golf I played, I was in 1764. During the course of the. Andrews in Scotland . Although Golf has been popular for several generations, it was the year in which it was established the current standard for 18 holes. Probably apokryficzne, but despite this great confidence that by 18 holes of Golf deliberately corresponds to about 18 images that can be fed with a fifth of whiskey . Although there may be little or no grounds for the opinion that alcohol played a role in shaping politics, sports, it would be foolish to pretend that beverages played a huge role in the charm of this sport from the beginning.

The fact that golf involves a relaxing walk or drive from tee to tee and green to green, making regular drink easily. While it would be impractical, if not impossible, to enjoy a cocktail while playing basketball or football match, a player has much time to stand back and SIP, while another group member takes your swing.

Typical secular scenes of the game of Golf, it is almost standard procedure for fans who have fun alcoholic beverages, but more important is the need for appropriate hydration during a game of Golf. Although the sport may not see the same levels of intensity of physical load, like other classes, the game of Golf can take several hours, and sees players spending time under the hot sun. Therefore, it is important also non-alcoholic drinks, and, above all, water.

One of the most famous beverages related to the game of Golf is probably the most famous golfer of all time, Arnold Palmer . He is credited with inventing the elegantly simple drink is a mixture of iced tea and lemonade . And, despite the fact that Palmer has started or not, he felt, as its namesake, and is still a popular drink, both in the club and around the world.

Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a beer, cocktail, Arnold Palmerem, or just a little water while you and your foursome walking the course, there is a probability that you’re going to want cold drinks. This means that to play Golf you need a good cooler.