Best Golf Club Sets 2017

If you want to buy your first kit for a game of Golf, the options can be overwhelming. For you, each set may look the same but each set, of course, not the same. Visually there are some subtle differences that have a huge impact on your experience. One of the first descriptors that can arise glasses. Is graphite or steel? As flex? Just Flex of the shaft how much the shaft flexes when moving club. These different levels represent different flexible letter L, for example, for women flexion or S Stiff Flex.

Graphite is lighter and requires less effort to get a quick turnover, so that can help in the generation speed. If you are not very strong hands, you can appreciate the roller with graphite, as it can give to the ball a bit too. Become thicker, players can appreciate the steel shaft because it’s heavier, but at the same time more durable and cheap . If the kit you buy for an elderly person, think of graphite shafts with flexem, not to have too much sway.

You will also want to consider different styles of club heads. As a rule, you want to find a club to improve the game. It just sounds – club is designed to improve accuracy and distance.

Because each player has different difficulties, a club that improves the game for one player will break the game another. But some things remains the truth, regardless of the player. For example, Woodhead , when increasing the size of the head, as well as the moment of inertia. Meanwhile, when the weight of the club decreases, the loft angle increases.

Why should you get custom fit
After selecting the type of clubs that you want, you also need to make sure your clubs fit. As in the case of a suit or shoes, you can pick up sticks Golf course. Most of the pro shops for Golf will be happy to do so, that one of their staff will check your clubs fit.

If your trefle they are too short or too high, will this affect good posture while playing, that can affect your results . Most clubs are ready to be fixed to a man who is 5-foot-10. If you are much below or much above this height, a bad match can seriously damage your game.

When you decide on a special binding, done with clubs that are made with your growth, your strength, qualities of swing and think about the head. Most shops will make your equipment free if you agree to pay for their clubs in the end. For most fans approval takes only 30 to 45 minutes, but professional players tend to use equipment that takes up half of the day .

Feel free to try specially selected clubs in front of a professional who chose them for You. This is the only way to know for sure that fit. It is also one of the reasons why it is best to configure their equipment for the shop where it comes to the game of Golf as it will be a small range where you can take a swing. Here you can watch the ball flight in real time and correspond to the functions of the club, such as shaft angle and the handle to make sure that you will leave the store with the appropriate set of sticks.

The strange history of Golf
Golf clubs were not always shiny, spotless record of devices that you can find in professional stores. In fact, the golf comes with games of this nature are already for thousands of years. Chinese song dynasty played a game called chuiwan, which hit the balls into the pit with a set of clubs, but Scotland received official credit for the invention of Golf in the year 1400.

Only in 1800, the year the game came in the Us, although then the player used 20 to 30 different types of clubs to hit the ball. The balls also did not resemble today’s balls were leather and stuffed with feathers.

If we are talking about the history of players, in 1931 the first golfer won the US Open tournament. His name was Billy Burke, and he only had three fingers on his left hand. In 1932, the inventor of the sand wedge, Gene Sarazen used his new invention to win the British Open. In 1959, invented the hockey stick engineer Karsten Solheim.

In the seventies we saw the lighter graphite shafts . Still it was all wooden or steel batons. When appeared on the market lightweight graphite clubs, mainly women used them, but, ultimately, the pro players have been caught , and players at all levels began to feel shame, demanding club with a slightly larger dose.