Best Ghillie Suits 2017

The Ghillie suit is designed to help the body fully in harmony with his or her natural environment. Helping to break up the easily recognizable shape of the human body and applying carefully textured and colored materials, which correspond to the leaves of the terrain, ghillie suit effectively hides its user as almost no other form of camouflage can not help you choose .

Most of the ghillie suits has the same basic features; the jacket and pants, each of which is densely covered with a large number of media, which bring the appearance of leaves, herbs and other natural materials can be seen from any distance. One of the first factors that you should consider is how active must be the person, wearing camouflage. Big, bulky ghillie suit with six or seven pounds kamuflujÄ…cych itself, the cups are great for the person who spends hours hiding, barely moving a muscle, but is not the best choice for a person who needs to running from place to place for a few minutes. Activities, during which you will be wearing a suit, has a big influence on what design of costume suitable for You.

Starting at the top, some ghillie suits have attached hoods, while others use separate cowls that can be attached to the jacket but which are often larger and weaker. It’s important to consider the hood design as a differentiator; whether the cowl is attached to the jackets or a separate piece, the right hood shape and size depend strongly on the type of activity for which you needed the ghillie suit in the first place. The paintballer or air soft player likely won’t actually be spending hours lying still, waiting for the chance to get the perfect shot; for them, a large, loose hood can be a detriment to fast, agile movement. The person who will likely be in regular motion while wearing a ghillie suit will be best served by a lighter outfit overall with a smaller hood that can be easily donned and/or pulled down.

However, for the wildlife photographer, or a sniper who will sit motionless for hours, waiting for a chance at a perfect shot (it’s a word meaning different things, respectively), a large, loose hood perfectly. This helps to completely cover the wearer’s head and a large part of the camera or the rifle, which they hold, to better mix with the environment.

The appropriate hood, it is important to make sure that you are well suited for your actions, so to speak, even more important is the choice of the ghillie suit, which is actually wtopi in the environment. First of all, it means to find a color that has the necessary coloring and texture of the place and time of the year in which you use it. The suit, which is ideal for use in thick green podszewkach, can be a scary selection for use, for example, in the bare forests of late autumn. Ghillie suits available in a wide array of specialized projects, including costumes that were created for use in the snow , in the desert and beyond.

Fortunately, ghillie suits are not expensive. The top part of the ghillie suit can cost around two hundred dollars or more, but ideal jumpsuits available for less than hundred dollars and some cost less than fifty. But one of the best qualities of each ghillie suit is its ability to adapt , you can always change, adapt and improve your costume.

Two products that help hide the hunter
Even in the perfect suit, the hunter (or nature photographer or a soldier) is still not ready for long periods hiding in the woods, without special equipment. One of the simplest, most proven and real way to effectively hide in the forest – at least if we are talking about animals in the same area is to use a blind hunter . Full blind hunting, which creates a asylum 360 degrees, not only helps to hide the hunter from kamienioÅ‚omem, but also provides additional space for equipment, ammunition, and even change camouflage depending on the circumstances. Your frog hunting gives a hidden home base when you’re in the woods.

People are not so well designed for life in the desert, at least to the extent that our bodies are not able physically. This is our cunning ability to overcome the shortcomings due to innovations that allow us to be successful even in harsh environments. The use of multiple pieces of equipment, which minimize the need for movement, can make it so that Your attempt of extinction of the background will do better. One of the often overlooked tools the straw for water filtration . Thanks to this unique type of water filter a person can safely drink from almost any natural source of water, including puddles or Creek. Install your hidden position near a water source, and you can stay motionless for many hours or perhaps even days.

History of the Ghillie suit
Some varieties of ghillie suit has existed since time immemorial. Ancient hunters put the skin of animals that are concentrated to help them to merge into a herd of bison or to call solace a lone salmon or deer. Scouts and soldiers in the style of partisans have with your clothes on long, intertwined branches , berries and leaves to help them fade in a natural setting surrounding them.

Such camouflage even find your way to one of the most famous literature in the world, you never know, for example, came when “Birnam wood” to “Dunsinane Hill” in szekspirowskim Banco ; art talks about the army, which massacred the camouflage of the trees of the forest, and then in a hidden weight before condemned to the death of the Scottish king.

In fact, the term “ghillie suit” is of Scottish origin: the messengers of this special suit was developed by the Scots, who used zakamuflowanej clothes as a kind of closed hunting blind. The word comes from the term ” Ghillie DHU “, who was the Keeper of the game , which was responsible for the maintenance of the hunting grounds of the Scottish estates of the XIX century. Within a few decades of their first development, ghillie meets first on war burska at the turn of the last century.