Best Gel Ink Pens 2017

In 1984 the Innovators in Sakura Color Products Corporation in Osaka in Japan introduced the world to a new type pens – pen gel pen. As in the case of other types of pens in inkjet printers, including the new model applied the dye (in this case, the pigment) suspended in a solvent. In contrast to solvents, alcohol and oil markers and pens, the gel used water as a solvent, and to use the properties of the gels, called tiksotropową. It may sound scary, but all it really means is that the gel starts to coagulate, when it is stationary, and then becomes more liquid when it is subjected to movement and blurring.

With the help of gel with tiksotropowym action, Sakura was able to create a pen with ink that keeps you high quality. If you ever used feathers probably experienced the frustration that comes up when the ink comes out in spots or uneven or do not go, even if you more ink in the barrel. For this you can thank for inconsistency in ink density, and agglomeration, which usually occurs during storage and operation. On the other hand, gel ink is not formed as often and not as prone to contradictions, which ensures smooth writing life of the pen.

Smooth to the touch, perhaps the most important reason that many people love gel pens, actually. The ink seems to run down directly on paper, because the paint usually has a higher proportion of pigments, colors are bold and strong. You will find that this paint dries faster than any other pen with similar ink ball.Ball point pens use water-based ink, which is thinner, and although these pens provide smooth writing, more prone to bleeding from the paper and not saved for so long.

Gel pens offer many benefits, including a uniform, silky smooth writing, excellent color and long-lasting use, thanks to which became popular since their introduction. They are universal and are part of our cultural spirit. If you are a child of the 90-ies., can you remember to give your friends a “tattoo” using a ball-point pen colored.

The differences between a ballpoint pen painted
All gel pens are not equal, despite the fact that have the same basic features. You can think of długopisach gel as the type and each individual brand and type of gel. Genre, which you need, depends on several factors, including from where and how will you use the pen, and what kind of experience you expect in writing.

First, you can think whether you want to remove or cover the pen. Those first, they are perfect for those who forget or tend to throw things; If you leave cap, you’ll be more inclined to write accidentally on the clothes or hands, so all you need to do is get a point to avoid this mess. Anyway, always close the handle when not in use because gel pens can dry out. Although there are ways to bring them back to life, you can avoid many problems by simply closing the pen after each use.

Secondly, look at the size of the line, which takes the pen. As a rule, occur gel pens in four point sizes : very fine, 0.38 mm; very fine, 0.5 mm; small, 0.7 mm; and bold, 1.0 mm. the names of the dimensions vary depending on the company, so in General it is better to get used to measuring in millimeters. Usually 0.7 mm is considered average or normal.

Then think about color. Gel pens are available in almost any color, including metallic, as silver and gold, white for writing on dark paper, and everything from lemon yellow to Magenta. Of course, black is also available if you want to get the smoothness of a gel, but a style suited to business documents or homework.

Last but not least, think about adhesion. A lot of the handles provides a comfortable grip on the barrel might help if the hand gets tired quickly. Some people find it annoying, since they add weight. But if you are going to use their pens only for a short time, this comfort should not be a problem.

Ideas for the use of ballpoint pens gel
When searching for the perfect pens gel for You, those that will give You the style that you like and comfort that you need, you can begin to consider more ways to use them. Here are some ideas for playing and creating with these wonderful tools for writing. Will not need even a degree plastic, to get great results.

Gel pens are a great addition to materials for scrapbooking . You can create a trendy colorful frames, add a unique subtitle, record memories, or put the drawn frames around your photos. Because albums should be long-term, make sure that you use gel pens that are free of acids, for this type of projects. Most of them, but usually wisely to check.

You can use gel pens to create personalized and funny cards for holidays, birthdays, gifts and more. Not only will this give you the opportunity to use their creative side, but also help You save money on cards purchased in the store. Additional visual interest, take the black paper and create projects about a completely new dimension.

Organize your gel pens. Use different colors to help in the creation of materials, organization , such as tags and labels for home and office. Bold colors and gel gloss and can even inspire your children to help You organize.

Drawing as a creative and cleansing force with the handle painted. Forget about bałaganiarskich paints and węgielkach that are difficult to effectively use – take a packet of gel pens and you’ll be creating in no time. These markers are suitable for zentangles, like doodlingu that should be Zen, and collectible cards artists, songs intended to be shared.