Best Garage Door Openers 2017

Garages for a long time. Exactly how long depends on what you consider a garage and stable garage? A shed big enough to Park your car? These are questions that keep me up at night.

Fortunately, for our purposes, the history of the open garage door is much more clear. A gentleman by the name of CG Johnson invented the electric aerator garage door in 1926. Unfortunately, the demand for the new product was not very high, mainly due to the fact that the only way open was the switch on the pillar at the end of the track.

You can see how this could really limit the usability of the whole thing.

This deficiency, however, it was quickly noticeable, and two teams of inventors separately created the remote-controlled opening device, using technology that has become available due to the SECOND world war. These new models were to be installed in the car, and use the flash radio on the specified frequency before the system was activated.

Because these units have become more popular, obviously, the problem became obvious: all devices used the same frequency. This meant that when she opened the garage door of your neighbor, can also appear. This was fantastic news for invaders from home, but less positively adopted by the average American.

In the 70-ies. The twentieth century appeared on the market means to open the code to different degrees of encryption. This means that your knife will fit your door, the combination to the safe. Of course, criminals will always have access to new technologies, and in recent years has created a device that can hack the door in a few seconds. As a result, most modern people, opening up uses of lamination system, in which every time the doors are used, a new code is generated , so that even if the offender will receive a code, it will be already useless.

This, of course, raises a very important question: there are hackers who dedicate themselves to opening the garage door? Really?

How to operate garage door opener?
A common misconception about automatic garage doors is that the electric motor does a lot of movements of lifting and lowering the door. In fact, most doors are made using a system of counterweights like the Elevator. Gravity performs most of the work – the knife should only to throw the ball.

Strong, twisted torsion spring above the door call heavy lifting. After tightening they pressed roller, which then rolls up the cables or chains attached to the doors, opening them. To close, simply remove the pressure, and the shaft rotates in the opposite direction. These springs are under a lot of pressure, and if it ever snaps, could easily kill someone .

The engine is attached to a chain or cable, and its main function is to start the process of lifting or lowering , as well as dictation, if the door opens or closes. Most modern devices also works as a lock, only one key remote .

There are several different types of opening systems . Some use chains or belts, as mentioned above, while the other is used to drive the screw to increase or decrease the torque on the springs. All popularniejszÄ… option is a lever shaft, which is attached directly to the transverse screwing without the need for balustrades. This provides more space and very quiet, but expensive.

Regardless of which of them will be bought, the springs should give you 10-15 years of work before it will require replacement. When that time comes, hire a specialist, because seriously … these things are scary.

Future of open doors, the garage now
We’ve come a long way from the garage door in garage doors. Today’s models have more beeps and whistles than CG Johnson, ever would have thought that possible when they invented (although could consider the possibility of placing the literal bells and whistles on it).

One of the biggest change games in the industry-the ubiquity of smartphones. There are apps for opening and closing doors, switching on and off lighting, and even adjust the temperature inside the garage. These apps are a fabulous time when you get on the plane to begin a two-week vacation, only to immediately start to panic, or you closed the garage or not.

Security features have become more sophisticated. While the sensors detect motion at the door become more sensitive, perhaps disabling remote access if you want. This deters thieves, at the same time eliminating the chance that something will be in a strong blow on the door, like a child in the neighborhood or, even worse, your car.

Many of them now have carbon monoxide detectors that open the door if the level becomes dangerously high, preventing infection. In addition, you can access the settings fingerprint access , thanks to which children can safely enter the house after school, without having to have a separate remote control. It’s just that all of these features combine to help Your family in a safe life, but also is a bit confusing to think about how dangerous it once was to be garages.

Some companies even try to replace a garage door opening in center. Some models have the ability to connect Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi antennas, so you can almost instantly replace the cars in confusion. Also available Parking laser that is wonderful, if ever disconnected, the door or wall, after a long day of work.

Don’t know what the future will bring, the devices, but one thing is clear: it’s time to have invented a device for a garage door opener that also can clean my garage.