Best Gaming Headsets 2017

Communication technology has come a long way since the Pony Express and carrier pigeons in the style of the Throne. While conversation, online video, may not be an example of successful communication between people, the pace of technology, for them, of course, did not fall.

Original headset non-gaming was invented in 1910 by a Stanford student named Nathaniel Baldwin, and was, unfortunately, a bit of a failed project. The headset was a commercial failure, at least in the beginning. Nobody could understand why a large number of people may want to buy them, mainly because it was not a small demand.

Then came the war, which turned everything on cm. The first world war was the center of attention and quickly realized that American pilots myśliwscy not have the ability to communicate with each other. Was not among them a single headset. Only uncle Sam ordered that most of them did the idea that Baldwin had the opportunity to stand on two legs.

One of the oldest manufacturers of equipment, audio, Plantronics has started to sell headsets for pilots . In those years in the 60-ies. they were very nieporęczni to such an extent that nobody wanted to wear them. Only a few astronauts have come together to create a more lightweight version.

But if you stop to think about it, we are already in the future . It’s hard to deny that recent developments and future possibilities in virtual reality technology and exciting. With big money from companies like Facebook and Google, are now involved in the project, virtual reality suddenly becomes something more than a dream of any independent developer, working in the garage.

While the headset virtual reality mark how far they extend headphones, I must admit that these technologies still have a lot to do. Despite the progress made in regard to computer simulators with 80-ies., probably several generations of technology will need to, as they say, “to develop all the mistakes”.

Virtual reality is, of course, a new type headset – headset with a component that simulates the field of view. The development of technologies is connected, however, with prices: the sediment in this headset can lead to severe seasickness. Maybe think about the fact that this was a dream of science fiction many people who lived not more than fifty or a hundred years ago … but lightsabers are still in progress.

What makes PC gaming headset, headset for gaming?
In technical terms the headset is a headphone connected to the microphone . The headset can consist of one headset (mono) or dual headphone (mono / stereo). In the specific case of computers, as a rule, there are two types of connections: 3.5 mm and USB. 3.5 mm Headphones almost always there are two 3.5 mm Jack-one microphone connector on the computer and the other into the headphone Jack.

Headphones are used for sound conversion with a sound card , a digital (computer) to analog (headset). USB headsets connect to the computer via a USB cable, so the audio conversion occurs in the headphones themselves or in the control unit. Inside the headphones is the place where the magic happens. Here drivers live, and the drivers put headsets, as well as gasoline for cars. The bigger the driver the better sound will be produced .

Many of the differences between headsets for games is dealing with the comfort or cosmetics, in contrast to the function; and everyone who is looking for a thoughtful review, in the section, which seeks only what is common to perform a common function. They want something specific that he is doing very well. The fact that the underlying technology for communication using video games, immersive virtual experience and to do it at the same time with remote players already exists.

Sacrifices that come with the budget
There is nothing wrong in reducing the budget. Some even say that this is a sound approach to take. In the case of headphones for gaming it is better to invest, because otherwise you will have to give up some aspects to spend less money. The biggest drawback, and, above all, most importantly, sound quality. If the headset is not immersed in 14-carat gold, the reason why the best players are worth more than others, they are usually due to excellent sound quality.

Yes, there are some cheaper headsets with high sound quality, which brands competitive, and cost four times less. But I’ll bet that the material used for their production is defective and stunning after a few regular applications. Are there other victims you want to save? If the headphones wired or wireless ? The headset does not eliminate the noise, or isolate the sound? Or offer surround sound? Is there a microphone? If the answer is “Yes” to all these questions, the higher the cost, but in turn, improve the quality of the headset.

The more functions the headset offers, the more money they will cost. But if you are a gamer, these features, or lack thereof, can be zmiennikiem game, pun not intended. The moral of this story is to really improve the game experience, invest in an excellent couple of headsets. Cheap is not always better, and Yes, of course, in this case.