Best Gaming Glasses 2017

The most noteworthy feature of wearing glasses for playing games comes with eliminating the effect of blue light on the eyes and brain. As these words to understand what blue light is and why it is so important to filter.

Blue light is part of the spectrum of visible light that consists of wavelengths from 415 to 495 nm. From there, the blue light is divided into two groups, called blue-turquoise light blue-violet light. When the blue-violet light stabbed in the eye, proteins called opsynami join the photons, to allow more particles of light in the eye than any other wavelength.

Too much of this stimulating light can actually damage the physical structure of the eye, which leads to cell death. More harmful form of blue light violet-blue light. Is natural sunlight, but is also highly prevalent in the artificial lights , such as lights, computers, televisions, tablets and mobile phones.

In some reports szacujących that people are currently in 90 percent of life in the house, and most of the time looking at the appliance, electronic, it is essential to balance the negative effects of blue light in every possible way. To wear glasses for gaming, and the restriction of the use of electronic devices at night is a big step in the direction of reduce eye fatigue.

Points for games for all
There are many products created for the computer players, which are useful for everyone who uses them, for example an Ergonomic chair for gaming . They just etykietowanymi items of the player , because the player can use them for higher capacity or for a longer time than the average consumer.

If we are talking about points for games, especially. Eyes dostosowało mechanisms to protect us over time. An example of this can be the fact that the pupil expands automatically in response to the amount of light entering the eye. However, the human eye is not adapted to look at the artificial blue light for a long time. Has no filter, which is the eyes, of course, puts in response to these lights and they are everywhere .

It is estimated that almost 70 percent of adults in the United States experience digital eye fatigue caused by electronic devices and artificial lighting. The cumulative chronic effects of digital eye strain include headache, blurred vision, dry eyes, redness and even eye problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) . When you use a computer, mobile phone or TV, especially at night , points for games, can help to balance the amount of blue light entering the eye; to promote a more natural balance of light in the brain. Can also help improve the humidity of the eye, reducing the surrounding air flow, which can help relieve redness and tension even more. Scientists say that taking steps to reduce efektuniebieskie light at an early stage can significantly reduce the risk of visual impairment such as AMD later in life.

Physiological effects of blue light
Various light favors various physiological effects in the body. A large part of the history of mankind has only known the light was connected with the cycles of the sun. In this regard, our brains have evolved over time to adapt to these cycles in the path of integration. Our eyes actually transmit light information to the Suprachiasmatic nucleus, or body clock. Upon detection of a stimulus of blue light the body produces active hormones such as serotonin, cortisol and adrenaline to maintain brain activity. When the eyes see the darkness, the brain produces hormones such as melatonin, orexin, and adenosine.

Does not happen all at once, and the process of wyczuwających gentle eye reduction light of the setting during the sunset is the key to stimulating the leaching of chemicals from the brain and replace them with sedatives. That is why we begin to feel tired, a few hours after sunset.

When night turns into dawn, the body begins to feel the light through your eyelids, and night wash off chemicals to replace them again stimulating chemicals. This process is a natural cycle okołodobowym of the body and how the body keeps time.

The light also has a strong influence on our mood. Scientists from the National Institutes of Health found that people are more at risk of mood disorders in the winter from lack of sunlight. With the increase in the level of illumination of mood disorders was scattered. Scientists began to ask whether different levels of light affect the brain in different ways. They found that blue light can effectively turn off the production of devices of the clubs.

Moreover, the scientists found that the body’s response to this blue light was not only responsible for the circadian system, but also affect memory, time, attention, reaction time, alertness, cognitive ability, and even IQ. The consequences are too big blue light at night and not enough in the morning put the body in the condition that some scientists call the constant change of time zones. Use the points to play can help reduce blue light, which the eyes are exposed to manmade sources and thereby diminish its effects.