Best French Fry Cutters 2017

Standard French scissors for frying tray blade that does the cutting, and the container that holds the vegetables and moves them through the blade. One end of the container consists of tiny steel teeth, which the user brings to the forefront of potato production for better grip. Some models have removable trays, so you can cut different types of chips, such as rope, wedge and steak. It is always recommended to disable the round ends of the potatoes before putting it on the blade such that it lay flat on the cutting mechanism, which facilitates the cutting.

These mechanisms are usually made of stainless steel, a material that has many advantages, including ease of cleaning and anti-corrosive properties. In addition, pieces of vegetables does not stick to them like it can on other materials. More compact varieties contain only two simple blocks – one containing potatoes, and the one that contains tray of blades, which fit to each other. Complex models resemble krajalnicÄ™ delikatesowÄ…, with non-slip legs supporting the steel rods on which the holder of the potatoes and cutting shifted to him. These last usually have a special mounting that will minimize the amount of pressure you should apply to cut the potatoes.

Some models work like a normal machine vegetable and can create special cutting, such as spirals and ultracienkie chips. They usually come with different sizes of trays to accommodate more delicate items such as carrots and broad details such as eggplant. A number of models has a built-in slot for capturing pieces of vegetables or raised, to make it easier to move the tray under them.

The history of French fries
There is a lot of discussion about how the country was created by French fry, but most historians believe that the Spaniards introduced potatoes to Europe . In 1573 the Spanish explorers came across the Colombian countryside, where for the first time tried some local food, including potatoes. The Belgians are often referred to as the first French manufacturers because they started to fry thin slices of potatoes in the XVII century. Small fried fish were a mainstay in the majority of the Belgian diet, but when the river would become too frozen, people cut potatoes into small pieces and fry them in place of fish.

Because Spain controlled most of Belgium during the same years, the history of fried potatoes, it is reliable that the latter country to have access to the potatoes before the rest of Europe. However, the French fry, of course, has roots in France. The French initially only used potatoes to feed the cattle, because they believed that the vegetable may cause of human disease.

The potatoes were even once banned in the country for human consumption. After a French doctor named Antoine-Augustine Parmentier was a prisoner of war in Prussia, and was forced to eat only potatoes, aware of how many benefits from eating. At the end of the XVIII century, when Parmentier returned to France and started to spread rumors about potatoes as a real food for humans.

To build intrigue around the vegetables, Parmentier hired security guards, so they stood around their Latvian potato. The plan worked, and some French offered bribes guard to try potatoes. When potatoes became popular, street vendors began to sell the chips from pushing trolleys in large cities such as Paris.

How to cook French fries around the world
The chips have a very different reputation, and are associated with different types of foods depending on where they them. In the us, the French fry is not considered to be very healthy and, as a rule, is accompanied by a fast foodom such as hamburgers and hot dogs. In Scandinavia, where food fish is an age-old tradition , the chips can be accompanied by low-fat, such as plaice, or even more advanced product, such as steak , which is high quality beef. Many countries in Europe as part of Scandinavia, France, street vendors selling potatoes from their own trucks.

Belgium has all the shops called friteries on the potatoes. The product includes several Belgian sauces and consumed alone or with Belgian snacks such as frikandel is a sausage minced meat or hamburgers. Great variety of sauces includes Aioli sauce, Andalusian sauce Americaine (i.e. dressing tomato-based, buttery), mayonnaise, curry, nut sauce, and even Tartar sauce. Belgians also like to eat French fries with spicy sauce or sauce.

Canadians known with the famous poutine , who hails from the French region of Quebec. The dish contains potato stew with cheese and topped with sauce. The subject is so popular that major canadian cities such as Montreal and Toronto, regularly organize Poutine Week, during which restaurants and chefs can showcase your best products with food. Dishes range from delicious dishes such as poutine with gulaszem klopsym, unexpected creations, such as poutine with a little Breakfast. La Poutine week recently was international, and it can be found in Australia, Brazil and the United States.