Best Flashlights 2017

Flashlight, often called a torch in the other (back?) Parts of the world are so simple that their genius can easily be overlooked.

All they do is charge a battery or set of batteries and convert it to light with a simple circuit and a small incandescent lamp tungsten, halogen or LED.

It is striking to mind the meaning of “spirit”, but devices that existed before the flashlight, they were much less powerful and much more dangerous.

It would be one thing if the torch was to light a small light bulb, and to allow her to act. What helps how to redirect, and to increase the light from this lamp, a concave reflector on the inner side of the head of the flashlight.

Often this reflective material interacts with the one lens that can be changed by changing the light intensity with strong points more evenly diffused light flooding.

This light is often measured in lumens (lm) , thanks to a recent marketing strategy that really attracted attention in the last decade.

This is a simple and popular method to understand how bright can be a flashlight, but do not correlate directly with distance, which can pass the light when you put him in front of the lens and the reflector behind it. Generally speaking, the more lumens is good.

Carry a Torch if you can
Not enough options when it comes about the choice of flashlight for home, work or leisure. I have many personal prejudices about what makes a good flashlight and, of course, I have my own specific set of desired goals.

But I’m more interested in what is the most useful than net-work evangelism one style torches. Having said that, I think a bit of perspective, some common sense regarding the lanterns, if anything, would be useful.

In photography, there is a saying that the best camera is the one you have with yourself. This idea is one of the main factors propelling the development of high-tech cameras in the world of mobile phones.

The same goes for your flashlight, and if you want to keep the car in the event of an emergency or played with us at the campsite, a light that is too big or too short a battery life, is useless. These huge, superpowered flashlight , for example, have no place in the woods or in your Winnebago.

Spend some time thinking what you really want to do with this thing. Or are you a professional criminal, who is looking for a competent source of light during a breaking and entering? You may want something with rules like zoom and light intensity.

May be more interested in you blinding the guy who broke into your house with his beautiful flashlight. You may want one of the most insanely powerful flash, such as that with number one, and perhaps one that can be easily przyczepiona firearms.

Shine On You Crazy flashlight
What are you looking at, is one of, if not the first flashlight that I ever existed. Before this little puppy came, people lit their way with torches, candles and lanterns on the oil.

Don’t think about it, looking at it, but such inventions, as more or less storpedowaƂy the whaling industry, whose main purpose (you have no idea how tempting it was to write “pig”) was the supply of oil as fuel for lighting.

You know what? After you have to do to get a nice flashlight, verify how the child tries to stay close to his dream, and to live with him under the covers, reading “Moby dick.” You’ll thank me later.

This flashlight was invented in 1898. The owner Eveready Battery Company, battery which appeared after the previous dry projects, which appeared only a decade earlier. Actually it was a pretty short period of invention as the light bulb, and batteries to the invention of the flashlight.

That is the real purpose? Lighting colors. I agree. These lights have been developed, at least according to legend, to light pots containing valuable flora from the North.

Their fate, little has changed in the projects over the last century. Of course, the lights have become more powerful and more effective, but in essence all this is only batteries, bulbs, lenses, and switches.