Best External Frame Packs 2017

At first glance can be forgiven, that the outer frame is outdated. These backpacks were once common among travelers, researchers, military personnel and everyone else who had to carry large amounts of equipment over long distances, but they began to be uzurpowani through the internal backpack frame in the years following the development of the first of these assumptions. George Lowe, the founder of the global brand Lowepro, created the first internal frame backpack in his own house in the late 60-ies. The XX century.

While for many people the inner bags for trekking in fact the best way of carrying equipment, external recruitment remains alive and popular as well as of many reasons. The main reason why many people return to the outside of backpacks is the ease of adaptation that gives the user.

If you have an internal backpack frame, your package may have a capacity of from fifty to eighty liters of liters or even more; no matter how large the capacity of such bags is finished. However, in most sets the outer limits of possible change rooms associated with the packaging, adding more storage space when needed, and remove the cargo space, which does not need to reduce weight, or to connect other equipment.

Be sure to carefully consider the compartments and mounting points, which come with potential external pack frames in the context of a preferred activity in the fresh air. If you are a hunter, you must ensure that your backpack will allow you, for example, impose on you a gun (or bow). Winter trekker may require the skills of attaching snowshoes or even protection of cross-country ski poles. On the other hand, a great flow of air possible through the development of most external backpack frame that makes these great functions you can use during hot weather. Itself open frame provides excellent protection gear with the help of laces or straps bungee, but try to find a bag that fits well to your needs.

If multiple people use the same tourist package, the external frame pack may be a wise step. Many external backpack has a telescopic frame which facilitates the lifting or lowering of the major bands of the hip, changing the position of the entire bags, in case of need, for people of different height and stature.

Therefore, when choosing suitable packaging, the outer most important thing you can do is to choose the belts, gaskets and compliance features that best match Your needs. Package elements cannot be changed, only adjusted; the type and location of cargo compartments, as well as types and anchors can be changed for each user or for a kind of adventure in which you begin the journey.

A few words about the proper charging tools
The closer to yourself you can set the reducer on the back with the natural center of gravity , the better it will be possible to carry over long distances, and, consequently, to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Unlike popular misconceptions, this does not mean placing heavy items that need to be worn low on the chest, but rather means moving them closer to the center of mass . In fact, the easiest equipment you have – including a plush sleeping bag and down filled jacket with a fleece microfiber, which should be at the bottom of the backpack.

To be precise, with an external backpack tourist, you should place most of the weights as high as possible in the package and so close shoulders, allowing packaging design. Such cargo will keep you more upright, natural attitude, and to compensate you for the burden as little as possible while walking. The more you can walk (and stand), of course, the more comfortable you will be, and the less other parts of your body will have to endure the stress caused by the extra weight of the equipment. If you place heavy items too low will draw you to the back, forcing you into a dramatic compensation, leaning forward and putting excessive pressure on back, hips and more.

If you want to fix additional equipment to the external framework backpack, try to do it on the sides of the package, and not behind his back. If You manage to evenly distribute the course on both sides of the package, it will affect your balance and centre of gravity (of course, because of the effect of adding even greater weight in the total load).

Look at packages from the past
As mentioned above, currently known packages of domestic trips available for just about half a century. On the other hand, backpacks in particular, parcels with external frame, was used by people for thousands of years.

One of the oldest known external backpacks on the shoulders belonged to the famous mummy called Otzi , prehistorycznym shepherd, whose frozen body was found in the Alps in the early nineties. Otzi lived about 5,300 years ago, but it seems that I wore the gear in a backpack on a design similar to modern packaging, external.

Ancient Roman soldiers wore one of the two packs (or both), known as Scarina and Loculus . The first will be transferred to a new plank of wood, przerzuconÄ… through the ridge. Develop an ideal way to carry infantry outfit would be a continuous process with the predecessor of many modern packages that were not developed until the time of the civil war.

Norwegian backpack Sekk Med Meis went for regular use in the year 1800. The name of this wood frame is literally translated as the packaging with the frame and help to inspire the development of new innovative equipment.

Today, many people around the world still moves everything from the production of weapons until then, until after the building materials every day, and most of these people continue to use various external lights.