Best External Bluray Drives 2017

The Zoolander is a scene in which Maurie Gold, automatic without the efforts of Jerry Stiller, betrays the villain of the movie is that all the evidence that was destroyed sort of male model are preserved in the house of gold on a Zip Drive.

The first time I saw this movie for the first time in a decade, and the mention of the Zip Drive has led to the fact that I kept the balance. If you don’t know the format, you are not alone. The Zip Drive was short, and ultimately useless method of data storage. To use the proprietary discs and its own disc drive, which almost never was on the cards specifications any available computer. As well as these external drives, Blu-ray, there was the tower or laptop, connected an old USB 1.0 cable.

Blue-ray is definitely more popular and more useful format ever could be Zip disks, and their disks more often. We know that the disks that are here, we evaluated, in combination with the much faster USB 3.0, but besides that, how exactly do they work?

Well, the thing that makes Blu-ray differs significantly from the DVD, is the light used to read data from the disk. Traditional DVD players read their discs with red lasers, whose wavelength is about 650 nanometers. Blu-ray, as the name suggests, uses a blue laser which has a shorter wavelength of about 405 nm, making it more acute.

Blu-ray discs and DVDs work the same way as a vinyl record where the grooves are reading the needle is transferred back to the musical vibrations that left them in the first place. Thin lasers on the Blu-ray drives can accurately read smaller grooves on the disc so that more information gets into the format.

When the laser reads the information in the streams, passes through the USB port and the video card, where the computer brings it back to the image captured by the camera or back to any data stored on the disk.

ZIP drives quickly disappeared, but the size, performance and popularity of Blu-ray discs and video need to do that investing in one of these external hard drives is the safest option.

Drive Yourself Crazy
Outside the most external Blu-ray drives in our list looks very similar. Works as a vertical drive, so that is on your side and not flat, but, in addition, it is difficult to make a choice between them, based on the.

In addition to reading Blu-ray discs, these discs can be read and write CDs, DVD and Blu-ray. These write speed will vary from disc to disc, so if you have a lot of work bootlegu in the work, you want something that can write fast.

You should also consider the types of Blu-ray disc, supported in the processes of reading and writing. If you are the victim of a painful and almost incomprehensible differences between DVD + R, DVD-R, DVD-RW and other suspicious disc formats that have emerged in the area of the emergence of DVD (VCD, anyone?), It’s, you know, small differences in the design of the disk can leave your intentions in order to fly.

The same applies to the process according to the Autonomous levels on the Blu-ray discs, which allows you to save multiple lines of grooves on a single disc, potentially increasing its capacity four times. Just make sure you have chosen the right equipment to handle tasks, as not all the drives in our list cater to this kind of work.

The Tale Of An Ugly Twin
Technicians Sony and Pioneer knew that the DVD format has a ceiling. They knew that the beam rzucana their red laser diodes can be better channeled, if it’s just a different color. They also knew that the thirst for storing and sharing large files is one that would not and still will not zakolany.

In 2000 the company introduced the first prototypes of DVR hard drives, which read and write with a blue laser. In February next year, the inventors made an intellectual copyright on the logo was born and Blu-ray.

Shortly after birth, the uterus has popped up ugly twin. For all intents and purposes, it was an identical twin, but sometimes there are twins who somehow do not have the same participation in nicely or abilities. This ugly twin needed a name, and the industry has produced such a terrible nickname as a kid: HD-DVD.

Of the company in a short time, competed for dominance in the market, and Microsoft mistakenly took HD-DVD as the unfortunate page. The first editions of their systems the XBox 360 had an external player HD-DVD available for purchase, but not into the tower system.

On the other hand, Sony has launched Playstation 3 with integrated Blu-ray drive, while sales of Blu-ray discs and CDs, so just ahead of the discs HD-DVD, ugly twin brother showed up in a handy bag jutowym and quickly jumped into the river, leaving Blu-ray in the reign of God.