Best Evaporative Coolers 2017

White human regulates its temperature in various ways, including the constriction of blood vessels and to burn stored fats – of which none is so universal and conspicuous, like sweat. Sweating is the main carrier of thermoregulation of the body, and can help a person to maintain a constant body temperature even during intense exercise or in a hot environment.

Sweating works to cool the body through evaporative cooling effect . On average, a healthy adult can produce two to four liters of sweat per hour during vigorous exercise and, in appropriate circumstances, the sweat is able to evaporate to maintain a healthy internal temperature. The concept is simple: the more you sweat, the cooler you are. The effectiveness of evaporative cooling can be difficult exceptionally humid environment, and, as we shall see, this can affect the thermoregulation of humans and machines, designed to regulate the temperature of the environment.

To put it bluntly, evaporative cooling is the process of lowering the temperature of the body or of the air through the release of steam. The evaporation process absorbs and retains latent heat efficiently reducing the temperature. For the athlete who just finished a race, the body is cooled when the heat from his body. If we are talking about the same cooling air temperature, heat is removed from the air and transferred to water vapor reduces the temperature of the environment.

Evaporative cooling is used as a form of conditioning for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations had used fountains, tunnels in underground water sources and “windcatchery” to help keep calm. Today, the same rules that apply ancient and your own body can be found in the game in the form of a radiator wyparnej, energy saving air conditioning system which is very effective in the right circumstances.

Where and when to use the cooler wyparnej
If you live in an area prone to high humidity , this radiator wyparna probably is not the right solution for air conditioning for your needs. The cooling that occurs through these units, depends on water stored in their tanks or fed through the water line, in order to effectively evaporate to create cold air, which can be hidden in the place of residence or place of business.

Because many radiators wyparnych has a lot of air from the outside these units can also be a bad choice for those who live in a region with very poor air quality.

However, if you live in the temperate zone , radiator wyparna can be a good choice for your needs and air-conditioning. But if you live in a very dry and hot place, such as in a desert climate, this radiator wyparna may be the best solution for the needs of HEATING, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Use one of these units during the long, hot days of summer in a dry region, can mean the difference between the obvious discomfort and a pleasant interior. As coolers, steam usually add a bit of moisture in the air, which is cooled, can be particularly appreciated in these most arid areas.

Some evaporative coolers portable, suitable for installation in the garage, in a large room or a smaller office. Others are much more, they can cool a few rooms in the house from one permanent place. If you think your area is suitable for evaporative cooling, spend some time to think that the person is suitable for your needs and preferences.

Choosing the right radiator wyparnej
Once you have determined that your home or place of work, is a good candidate for the radiator wyparnÄ… the basis of the average humidity and temperature of the environment, you must then decide which group will be needed. This decision, of course, depend on the size of the area which need cooling.

If you just want to cool a bedroom, office, garage or workshop, or another occupied space, there are compact coolers evaporative type that are little more than a hundred dollars, which consume only a few tens of liters of water to fill, and that during the whole period of their operation provide significant energy savings, unlike traditional air conditioning with the function of the steam compression or absorption. Remember that the radiator wyparna is not only effective way to maintain a low temperature in a dry place, but it is also a cost-effective approach.

At the other end of the spectrum are portable coolers evaporative type, which cost about a thousand dollars, but it can reduce the temperature inside even at thirty degrees Fahrenheit (or more in the right circumstances, if you want to even have a low temperature) which can cool hundreds of square feet of interior.

Due to the high efficiency of radiator wyparnej you can even reduce the ambient temperature of the surrounding areas . Units removed blow cold air, which helps, but also fill the air with moisture cooling , which can help in preserving smaller przyjemniejszej temperature even outside on hot, Sunny, dry day. Thus, the purchase of high-class portable radiator wyparnej can help You be more comfortable in the house, in the yard, in the office or to make sure customers in your store or restaurant, have a pleasant and safe environment.