Best Enema Kits 2017

Many infusions can cause image intensive clinics of the colon, or the Cayenne pepper and lemon juice cleanse Beyonce and other stars are so proud. But the device is actually very gentle and designed to help them mimic the natural activity of the intestine, causing mild seizure and leaving feeling lighter and cleaner.

Simply put, a colonic is simply a liquid wstrzykniętym in the intestines . Liquid, usually water and can be stored in large or small containers. Served in a small syringe, made of light, easy to combine materials such as silicone. It syringe into the anus and crush the light bulb or bag that contains the liquid. The fluid stimulates a bowel movement immediately or after some time, depending on how you constipation.

While enemas are often used to alleviate constipation, they can also be used for drug administration or water, when someone can not take these items inside. In some cases, doctors use remedies for oral contrast radiation, which facilitates the vision x-ray, so it can help diagnose health problems in the colon or in the colon. Enemy popular in alternative health as a holistically-minded doctors believe that does not adversely affect regular body functions and do not lead to dependency problems. Recently, the medical world welcomed the use of coffee enemas because they help in several important body functions.

For best results, you should apply KY jelly or medical grade to the rectum to facilitate installation of a syringe. You should also put a floor on the technique of lining, so you can conveniently and on bended knee, while downloading. If you give yourself an enema, to find something that could be hung on plastic bag vertically. This makes it easier to overcome the water in the pipe.

The history of the enema
Today liquid enema is in a small lamp or a large bag that looks just like a drip, but the enemas were not always designed with a think of our comfort. From the XVII to the XIX century came to something that was called a clyster syringe-type device, which is often made of cold materials such as surgical steel, and which worked like a piston.

Past culture was not so private, with regard to their health and gastrointestinal tract, as we are today. In 1550. BC ancient Egypt doctor by the name of Iran (which was transferred to the Shepherd of the Anus) was very respected. Iris regularly used enemas for medication, as a gentleman, called Accompanying the Royal Aquarium, who served as special liquid preparations for Pharaoh.

Enema appeared also in order of religious and ceremonial, one of the first great civilizations in Mexico – Olmek – using it for the reception of the substance of TRANS. Historians suspect that from may until the tenth century BCE the Maya used this device for taking hallucinogens , and affirmed that the Greek philosopher Celsus from the II century BC was prescribed an enema of pearl barley in milk or rose oil for the treatment of dysentery .

Only in the XVII century was created enemas for home use. The largest market for these later models was France. Reports say that king Louis XIV of France, he liked enemas so much that the Duchess of Burgundy ordered his servant to give it to his court all the witnesses were witnesses . From reports, it also follows that the king was just as shocked and disgusted as it is now – didn’t love enemas so much so that it turned out.

Or constipation can harm the health?
Maybe you think: “Large Ulcers-this is another thing I should add to my daily routine of shaving and brushing your teeth”. Fortunately, you do not need to regularly use enemas, but appeal to him if you are serious to steamy, can help you prevent further health problems .

Constipation can increase the risk of increasing yourself of hemorrhoids , which can increase the risk of developing colon cancer . This is because the blocked stool stretching the colon, irritating it and open it in the toxins in it fermentation . If zmagałeś with their weight, you should know that constipation can interfere with you feeling when you’re full after a meal, so the solution to this problem can help You achieve your fitness goals.

If you are a woman who hopes that one day you will have children, severe and regular constipation can damage the reproductive system. Your large intestines and uterus are sitting very close to each other, and when the first too full, it puts too much pressure on the stairs. Here’s another scary fact: both sexes are prone to rectal prolapse from the strain caused by constipation. It is not only terribly beautiful, but quite painful and difficult to correct.