Best Electricity Usage Monitors 2017

The electricity monitor is an intelligent purchase for anyone who wants to limit energy consumption, for both the environment and money. These monitors help determine which devices consume the most energy. Display, and consumption in the same dimensions that the energy company so that you can easily predict the cost of future bills.

If the use of high power and is not just an option, many models allow the user to set a limit kilowatogowy . When the device is approaching this limit, the monitor gives an alarm to the people in the house knew to turn it off. Monitors electricity consumption can display helpful information such as the total power consumed per device per day, track in real-time and reset every 24 hours.

Many monitors can be connected to multiple devices in your home, providing a navigation control screen, checking each of them separately. People who travel a lot, I appreciate units that can be used remotely. Monitors are compatible with Bluetooth technology will allow you not only to check the energy consumption in the house when they are away from home, but also remote activation of devices.

Many monitors are connected directly to the outlet so that you can easily use them at home or in the office. Some allow the user to connect the device directly to them to get an instant read in real time the energy consumption of this element. Advanced models have the technology of cloud computing, which allows a person to check energy consumption in the home from any device connected to the Internet, and keep user data, so they can track your habits.

The main energy loss
In addition to monitor usage of electricity there are many other practices that can be applied to save energy in the home. There are a few things you can do differently in the kitchen to save energy, for example, deciding what to eat before opening the refrigerator. People spend an average of 10.4 hours a year staring into an open fridge, wasting electricity used to turn the light on and schładzając them when they are closed. And the refrigerator is not even the most expensive device in the house.

The use of the oven, quite uncomfortable during the summer months, but can also be expensive. Air conditioners work overtime after switching on the oven, in order to compensate for the additional heat in the room, so the burning on warmer days is irresponsible. Many of them often remains heated in the oven longer than necessary, when you work with other activities related to cooking.

Fans must be present only in rooms occupied by persons. Fans don’t cool an empty room. Just cool the object to which they are, and whether it is a wall, it’s a waste of energy. The lack of settings of the thermostat run both financially and electrically. Most people which include air conditioning with the idea to turn it off when the house feels cold enough, often forget to turn it off. The thermostat can prevent many hours traconej the power conditioner.

In room entertainment items such as DVD players, sound systems and cable boxes should not be maintained throughout the day. Most people use these items just for several hours into the night, and in spite of this, leave them connected all through the day when they are at work and all night when they sleep. Many of these devices consume a small amount of energy even when not in use. As is known, drainage vampires and occurs in many common household electronic devices. Falling asleep in front of the TV also can be a serious devastation of electricity, especially if it’s night habits.

Energy efficient cities
Some cities are doing that energy efficiency is a top priority, and it can improve their economy and the environment. Given that cities consume 75% of natural resources in the world, it is necessary that the officials considered ways to reduce energy consumption.

Reykjavik, Iceland gets all the heat, electricity and hot water from renewable energy sources and geothermal power plants. In the middle of 2000, the city replaced most of the transport buses powered by hydrogen, which emit pure water into the atmosphere.

Portland, Oregon, replaced their old lamps LED street light LED, which consume less energy. The city has always been conscious to the environment: in the 70-ies. removed sześciopasmową highway, to make way for lake Park spencer smith park. Experienced Portland residents also use bicycles as a main means of transport.

Vancouver, Canada is another city that boasts of clean air. Has the lowest carbon emissions per capita in any major city in North America and receives 90% of its energy from hydropower . Vancouver gets the remaining 10 percent of energy from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and wave energy.

Oslo, Norway, with the distinct weather of the four seasons, uses a clever light on their streets. These lamps correspond to the electric power depending on weather conditions and traffic. The city also nurtures the majority of its heating biometanem, renewable source of energy wydobywanym of their waste. In Scandinavia there are other highly effective city, Copenhagen, Denmark. More than a third of city residents traveled each day by Bicycle, and the city is expanding, and several gardens on the roof that helps to insulate the building.