Best Electric Wine Openers 2017

At the end of a long day as a great addition to good food, or in recognition of a valuable friendship or achieved goal, there’s nothing better than a glass of wine. (Or, better yet, a whole bottle split between friends, family or colleagues.) You can spend a lifetime studying wine and still not learning all that is known about this complex, polished and drink, but do not need to be allocated oenofil to achieve a respectable understanding of this story the fermented liquid.

Enjoying a good bottle of wine, you start with proper storage. All wine bottles, especially those with traditional wooden plugs should be stored on their sides. This enables you to the liquid inside the bottle was stopped, the tube, preventing it from drying out and ensuring the flow of oxygen in the bottle. Oxidation may eventually degrade the quality of the delicious taste of a bottle of wine, ultimately destroying it completely. Thus, spoiled wine is often referred to as tube .

The General rule says that white wines are served chilled and red wines are served at room temperature. However, it is not absolutely successful, because many red wines, including French Beaujolais, some easier (and cheaper) bottle of Pinot Noir and Red Zinfandels derive benefits from cooling before serving. It is also true that many of the white wines served too cold, and their tastes dull, through the cold; in General, 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature for white wine, although many refrigerators have a temperature closer to 40 degrees. It is therefore desirable to remove white wine from the fridge or ice bucket before serving.

After cooling (or heating) of the wine to the desired temperature, you should consider aeration.Many red wines benefit from opening the bottle several hours before serving the wine, because in a short period of oxidation helps to “open” their taste profiles. White and of course sparkling wines should be opened just before serving.

When choosing glassware (not to mention the tackle and prepared foods), the last step is the actual opening of the wine bottle. This last step, removing the cork from bottles of wine can seem like a daunting task for many people, but, in appropriate means, he should not count on some time care.

Why electric openers for wine to create the impression
Correct opening of a bottle of wine, necessary for the proper use of wine. Bad open lid can break into pieces that are awkwardly floating in the bottle and the glass, or, even worse, the tube can fall apart and get stuck in the bottle opening that the removal is more difficult.

In the capable hands of skilled wine enthusiasts, the average bottle of wine can be opened with a key , even more than the main road for a few seconds. Many people turn to spin with a winged shape that is applied the lever with both hands. Yet other people take the comfort of the modern electric can opener for wine.

Thanks to the electric motor receiving a torque and rurowemu form that works uniformly, the electric opener for wine is, indeed, the easiest way to open a bottle of wine. In fact, these devices make the process so simple that to some it may seem frivolous, and, of course, as a luxury, for others.

It should be borne in mind that for many people electric opener for wine is not a luxury but is actually required. In the case of people suffering from inflammation of the joints or hands, or wrist, weakened or threatened by age, injury or other condition, turns on compression and the normal force associated with manually lifting the cork from the wine bottle may not be able to collect. For those people, an electric opener for wine, means you can use this glass of Chianti or Chablis without the risk of disappointment or injury. And even the healthiest of us, in the end, will experience the pain, tired wrists if you have to open a lot of bottles of wine in a short time: as waiters, bartenders, and sommelierzy agree that electric corkscrew can be a very useful tool.

Electric wine opener Operation and maintenance
Although there are many different ways to open a bottle of wine for most wine bottles, the electric wine opener is the perfect choice. For others, such as pressurized bottles with its effervescent contents electric bottle opener is not only a bad choice, but even dangerous. If the cork of champagne flew through the room is the risk, the risk caused by flying corkscrew electric much worse.

Using an electric opener for wine, don’t make the mistake of thinking that does all the work: still need to keep the gadget upright (as best as straight as possible) over the top of the bottle to make sure that everything is clean, pulls out the plug. And I know that some electric bolts tube may not be able to bring the stubborn synthetic corks.

If your electric wine opener seems to struggle, close it and try another method to open the bottle; electric wine opener can’t just decide to use more power to get out of the tube, but can continue to unsuccessfully attempt to record your engine. And in the same spirit, always make sure that you hold the electric wine opener is charged, because if you are too weak to be strain is exerted.