Best Electric Violins 2017

Violin is probably the most famous member of the four main tools of creating a family of stringed instruments . The others are viola, cello and bass. Each of these string instruments has four strings strung, stretched on the body is traditionally made of wood layers.

Violins are the highest instrument of the Quartet on the pitch . Violins are valued as part of a full orchestra and Quartet, but they are also often used as instruments, the solo of which thousands of songs remained, consisting exclusively of the violin for many years, during which it was played.. ( The famous Chaconne by J. S. Bach from Partita Number Two in D Minor is a striking example of works written for violin without accompaniment.) Please note that the violin is sometimes called a violin ; there is no difference except the name between the two instruments, although the type of music played by the violinist are often more noisy and less complex than classical music.

The oldest known tools that bring modern violin, coming from the Middle East, and tools, Turkish and Byzantine are among the first stringed instruments, which likely played a bow, and haven’t played skubanie, as was often the case of the earlier examples of string instruments, such as the Greek Lira.

Starting from the XVI century, in Italy, today there are instruments similar to violins that are still being produced. In the mid-1700s, after some improvements of the project, including changing the length and angle of the neck, the violin had reached the maturity of the project. A lot of tools built in this century still in use today and are considered the finest examples of violins that were created.

Great violins are made today to imitate the violin up to 250 years, in almost every way, except for the tools used to create it. However, the modern violinist is one of the options, which became known from the family of Stradivari, of course, has never been created: today, there are many examples of electric violins.

Why electric violin is a great idea
Electric violins do not have the same resonance chamber, the acoustic tool; instead, they are made with a magnetic sensor embedded in their bodies. This Converter converts the vibrations of the strings into an electrical signal, which can then be uploaded to the speaker (or sent to other equipment).

Is the first time in the late twenties violin electric are currently popular among musicians around the world. These instruments allow the musician to the sound of freedom, as in the case of electric guitars – you can change them using effects pedals to add distortion,echo,delay and others.

Electric violins are an excellent accessory for orchestra, but can also be a living part of rock band or folkowego. Their versatility of sound means that one tool can be used to play different musical styles. This is good news for comprehensive music, as for all artists who need to share the tool. This versatility makes electric violins are a good tool for music teachers and for school teams or music programs.

Paradoxical as it may seem, one of the best features offered by the electric violin, is the ability to play with almost no sound. Unlike an acoustic instrument, an electric violin produces considerable noise only in connection with AC – some electric violins even call shady. Thus, the electric violin are a great tool for training without disturbing others in close proximity.

Regardless of whether you are connected to the computer, you can record and analyze your game later, or use headphones for music storage for yourself, electric violins are a great tool for the beginner violinist.

Right choice electric violin
Decent electric violins are at least a few hundred dollars; you should know that from the very beginning of their search. Although there are models that are only about a hundred dollars, these tools are often only suitable for recreational use or as a first foray, or a young Amateur player in the field of music, who can refuse. The exquisite electric violin will cost six or seven hundred dollars, for reference. This point prices range from two to three hundred dollars should be doable.

Choosing an electric violin, first decide whether you want to have an acoustic electric model. These instruments you can play without food, or they can be connected to the speaker, to strengthen. They frequently offer superb sound quality in both iterations, but can’t be easily manipulated by effects pedals. This type if instrument can’t be played quietly, limiting, therefore, to use them for a comfortable practice.

After determining the type of a violin (and budget, of course), then consider the aesthetics of the tool. Many electric violins has an unusual color and shape, which can be as attractive to some players because discourage others. Purists will appreciate the many electric violins hold the form of the classical instrument, while, perhaps, younger, slower, the musicians praised the unique, minimalist “cut off” appearance of the many functions of electric violins.

Any musician will appreciate the natural strength and durability decent electric violins. Think of how many years you can devote to consider how much you are willing to spend on this and any other musical instrument.