Best Electric Pressure Washers 2017

The basis of each washer is the engine. Regardless of whether it is pneumatic, hydraulic, based on internal combustion or electric, the sole purpose of this engine is to drive high pressure water pump. From there the water is passed through a hose under pressure through the nozzle, after liberation, through the switch controlled by the user.

Most modern car washes have high pressure switches with the shank pistol type, which require you to pull the trigger built into the handle of the sink to release water under pressure.

Progress in the technology of nozzles significantly improved the efficiency of pressure washers. Most of the injectors are connected directly to the gun discharge and generates a pattern of outflow water. It is important to determine the correct nozzle for the application. For cleaning and lifting a flat surface can be suitable fan nozzle. Other applications may require narrow flood (cleaning of the grooves of the sidewalk) or low-pressure and high-flow (washing cars).

In a specially equipped wash facilities for cleaning chemicals and detergents are nozzles that help in creating foam. Some models also heat the water, helping in the purification of petroleum products and lubricants.

Fabric electric connects to standard connectors and can be runs on ordinary water from the tap. Today, these washers, as a rule, the performance of 2,000 pounds per square inch. Fabric with gas can double this capacity, but have a lot of problems related to security.

At the industrial end of washing pressure, cutting metal and concrete, you can use high-pressure cleaners maximum power. Some industrial pressure washers, connect the water and sand in a process called piaskowaniem to remove graffiti and tape and / or concrete reactions. Others are to remove rubber from runway-landing at the airport. Washer high power the high pressures over 25,000 psi.

Concerns about high pressure
Electric pressure washers should be used with caution, because many of them can produce water and other chemicals under pressure large enough to break the skin and cause serious injury . If the sink is improperly cleaned, particles are emitted from a hose can be especially harmful for those who are striking. Washers can also throw away the leftovers at high speeds that could be dangerous.

The combination of electricity and water is incredibly ships . Because of this, users should wear shoes with rubber soles for insulation and keep wire away from standing water. If you must use an extension cord, use only those that are suitable for use in high humidity conditions.

The pressure washer cannot function properly without enough water. Before buying, make sure that the pipe to which you want to connect a washing machine, can ensure a sufficient amount of water. In the case of work without adequate water, the elements of the pump can be damaged by cavitation.

If you are interested in the use of cleaning chemicals into the washing machine, first make sure that it is safe to use for your model. Improper use of cleaning products may damage the pump. It is also important when choosing the output pressure suitable for a particular task. Using too much pressure may cause permanent damage to the surface.

In terms of safety, electric pressure washers have advantages over their counterparts powered by gas do not produce exhaust gases. The exhaust gases from the car wash, which run on gas and propane gas make, which is especially dangerous in areas.

A brief history of electric pressure washers
German Alfred Karcher invented the power washer high pressure in 1950 and is often considered the father of modern dishwashers under pressure. Status Karchera challenged Frank Ofeldta, who claimed to have invented the power washer pressure, inspired by a couple of decades earlier, in 1927.

Ofeldt found the potential for cleaning pressure-washing accident while working on a whiskey. Ofeldt accident, and a couple through the narrow hose under high pressure, and witnessed its effects on surging with grease the floor of the garage. From there, he worked on the creation of the first steam cleaners.

The industry of washing of pressure, started in early sixties of the last century, when the company Cat Pumps has developed a syringe pump that was much more durable from those that preceded it, and was able for pressures up to 1000 pounds per square inch.

Before 1975. Standard pressure high pressure driven gas has had the water pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch.

In the industry an automatic car wash uses high-pressure machines, in our office premises, which used the raw temperature and chemicals. Since the early eighties, technological advances associated with difficult conditions in car washes was included in a car wash under pressure from consumers. The most important of these improvements was ceramic pump nurnikowa, which greatly improved the reliability of high-pressure washers. Early ceramic injection pump was in operation for over 2,000 hours with little maintenance costs, and its endurance was much better than its predecessors. Ceramic pump, has also improved the tolerability and safety of high-pressure washing, extending their potential applications in the business. In addition, the pump of the ceramic allowed the drive washer with the motor.

The first electric washer was limited outlet standard household socket, which could hardly withstand 1000 pounds per square inch pressure. For comparison, a similar gas model at a time could reach 3000 pounds per square inch and more. This limitation, together with the U.S. national current code, which required that all pressure washers had a plug-in circuit breaker short circuit, weakened the increase of electric pressure washers. The completion of electrical cables and necessary switches for the washing machine was expensive, and many producers decided to focus on models running on gas.

Innovations, such as the turbocharger, which significantly improved pressure electric pressure washers and also simultaneous reduction in the cost of electrical components and the rising cost of fuel has led to the re-growth of popularity of electric pressure washers. Today they are particularly respected due to their application in consumer and flexibility of use at home.